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5 Ways To Wear The New Year's Most Dazzling Color: Silver

5 Ways To Wear The New Year's Most Dazzling Color: Silver

What's shiny and bright and makes your entire outfit sparkle? Silver, of course! Silver often plays second fiddle to gold, but it's being projected to be 2020's must-have color for all things fashion and accessories. Here are five dazzling ways to introduce this sparkling color into your wardrobe in the new year that aren't jewelry-related.

Silver Handbag

If you don't want to overdo it when you're first starting out with this color, try a silver handbag. Silver handbags go with just about any outfit and can tote all of your necessities when you're out and about. You can dress it up or dress it down because silver coordinates well with jeans and a t-shirt or even the fanciest cocktail dress.

Silver Bookbag

Be the coolest kid in school with a shiny, silver bookbag. You'll really stand out and turn heads when you're walking down the hall with a silver bookbag tossed over one shoulder. Even moms can get in on this cool trend by using a silver bookbag as a diaper bag or to carry all of your children's toys to and from their favorite activities.

Silver High Heels

High heels are already a sexy shoe, but add in some silver and you really have one hot accessory. Silver is a great option in a high heel because it goes well with any color dress, skirt, or pant suit. Try pairing it with hot pink- another one of the new year's boldest colors.

Silver Sandals

If you're looking forward to warmer weather, why not get in the mood with some silver sandals? Sandals don't need to be boring and plain and silver is the perfect color to jazz up those feet and show off your brand new pedicure.

Silver Rhinestone Crop Top

Crop tops are the must-have top for next spring and adding in some silver rhinestones really elevates this look to the next level. Pair it with some distressed jeans and a leather jacket for a look that screams cool, calm, and collected.

You'll find all of the silver items you need on our website to ensure you're staying on-trend in the new year. You can even add in some silver jewelry that's both affordable and stylish and will pair beautifully with all of these other sparkling silver options. Make silver your go-to color next year and shine bright.
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