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Five Ways To Wear Floral Print In The Winter

Five Ways To Wear Floral Print In The Winter

When you think of floral print, a warm summer day likely comes to mind. You can still wear floral prints even when the temperature is below zero if you know how to coordinate them the right way. Floral prints can be a touch of spring and summer on even the coldest of December days. Try out these five unique ideas the next time you want to wear a floral print in the winter.

1. Floral print blouse with distressed jeans. A flowing, floral print blouse is the perfect top to pair with rustic, distressed jeans. This combination may seem odd, but the two garments play off of each other, making for the ideal mix of sugar and spice. Finish off with a pair of cute booties for the ultimate casual look.

2. Floral print collared shirt with a business suit. If you're looking for a powerful-yet-feminine look for the office, try putting a floral print collared shirt underneath a solid-colored business suit. A navy blue suit would go splendidly with a floral print shirt featuring shades of pink, yellow, or orange, while a black or brown suit will go with just about any color mix of florals.

3. Floral print maxi dress with a denim jacket. Floral prints and denim go really well together and a great way to pair them is by blending dressy and casual. A floral print maxi dress is long and flowy, providing the perfect coverage for the winter season. A thick, denim jacket will keep you cozy while also providing a casual edge to an otherwise dressy ensemble.

4. Floral print scarf with a winter jacket. Scarves are a must-have accessory to keep your neck warm on those frigid days. A floral print scarf brings a touch of summery elegance to that dark and dreary weather. There are many ways to experience with wearing scarves, but the standard way to wear them is wrapped loosely around the neck and tucked under the jacket collar.

5. Floral print bikini for vacation. If you're lucky enough to take a vacation somewhere warm this winter, be sure to pack your floral print bikini. It'll look great against the sun-kissed skin you'll be heading home with.

Floral prints are appropriate for any time of year. Why not check out our wide selection of floral prints and find something to brighten up your winter days.
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