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3 Summer Sunglasses that Match Your Favorite Outfits

3 Summer Sunglasses that Match Your Favorite Outfits

Are you enjoying your time watching the sunset while resting on the Pacific sands with a sweet cocktail in hand? The long-awaited season of sunglasses has now come into full effect, but one question remains: which pair should I wear with my favorite summer go-to outfits? Luckily, we've got the top three summer sunglasses to match your favorite outfits of the season. Here's how you can look flawlessly effortless while basking in the sun (or sunset) this summer.

1. The Everyday Aviator

Just when you thought aviators couldn't get any cooler, they did. Aviators have a distinct style that makes them absolutely classic in appearance, almost like a pair of ripped or distressed jeans. Speaking of distressed jeans, the everyday aviator looks awesome with ripped denim shorts and a plain white tee. Don't forget to tie up your sneakers and you've got a look that instantly makes you appear stylish, casual, and ready to take on joys of summer. Let's not forget sporty, either!

2. Black-Framed Sunglasses

Orange might not be the new black as far as sunglasses go, but we're well aware of how this dark favorite matches nearly everything. If you're at a total loss of what pair of sunglasses to purchase – or even worse, which pair will work well with every exciting summer outfit you own – you can't go wrong with black. Whether you decide to go with a square frame or perhaps a cat eye look, one thing is for certain: you'll match with any fun summer style you choose this season. Our black-framed cat eye sunglasses are an excellent and adorable example of how you can really rock this look.

3. The Lovely Leopard Print Look

We cover the term "neutral" in this blog quite a bit, but what does it actually mean in the world of fashion? Essentially, a neutral is a color or pattern that can go with practically anything. Luckily, it just so happens that the lovely leopard print pattern fits these requirements! For a look that's bold and daring yet completely capable of matching with nearly any of your favorite summer trends, make sure to invest in a pair of sunglasses that are framed with leopard print. Even if you mix and match patterns, the result will still be tasteful. Trust us – we wouldn't steer you wrong.

It's always a fun time to experiment with style. Accessories – especially sunglasses – are an extremely wonderful way to do so. This summer, we strongly encourage that you to stay safe and stylish with sunglasses that match nearly any outfit you choose!


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