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About us

Our History

My name is Gerald; and I am the founder of Gerald Black, LLC. I love fashion!  I am always excited when I find ways to save a lot of cash on fashion.  Let me ask you this question, "Do you like waiting until the holidays to get unbelievable deals?"  I am sure the answer is NO! Saving you money on fashion was and still is the goal of

January 1st of 2016, I started our store selling electronics to customers of the United States.  However, after a few years, I realized I was no longer interested in selling electronics.  I had to find my passion in online retailing.  That is when I began to reflect on the fact that I enjoy fashion.  So, I refocused our business, which was known as, to focus more on fashion.  As the years progressed, our business morphed into an online retailer of fashion (later called Currently, we service customers from all over the world; places like, Canada, UK, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Philippians, and United States to name a few places. 

Our Mission

That's easy.... saving you money.  Yes, our business must remain profitable; however, we don't need to be greedy.  I rather pass those potential profits to our customers.  As you browse our website, you will see few sales, if any at all. However, what you will see are unbelievably low prices on awesome clothing and other apparel. You will also notice Free Shipping on most merchandise.  This is why our business continues to grow.

Most importantly, we want to simplify your shopping experience.  This saves you time and reduces stress.  At, another mission is to ensure that we simplify your shopping experience by having products that are priced low, look great, and remain unique

Keeping Products Unique

One of my biggest gripes with Amazon and Ebay is that they have a lot of products; but they also have a lot of the same products priced differently.  So, you have to wade through all those identical products just to find the lowest priced one.  I appreciate choices; but I think society has reached a breaking point with the number of choices.  Why can't those online stores just have a lot of unique products priced with the lowest price?   

At, you will find some of the lowest prices online for fashion.  You will find that most of our clothing and apparel are unique.  For example, if we have a hat by a designer called Jasmin (just making up a name for this example), then you will find different styles and colors by Jasmin and other designers.  You will not see that same colored hat by Jasmin priced differently on our website.  We prefer to just price our clothing and apparel as low as possible; and our fashions' quality and style are consistent, durable, and stylish.  We want you to have unique choices with low prices from The-Get-Go.  What I am saying.......I want our customers to look and feel GREAT!

Enjoy browsing and shopping at

Here you will find:

  • Low priced Quality clothing and fashion accessories
  • Product Guarantees or your money back
  • Awesome customer service and a dedication to ensuring Satisfaction
  • A growing collection of Amazing Fashion & Apparel 
  • Great fashion from our collection of wonderful designers from around the world.

So, I want you to enjoy your visit; and let me know if we need to consider adding a product or service you feel would be exciting for you and our other awesome customers.  Also, join our weekly email list to stay up-to-date on the latest offerings and company news.  



Gerald Woods