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5 Budget-Friendly and Fashionable Finds for a First Date

5 Budget-Friendly and Fashionable Finds for a First Date

With Valentine's Day only less than a month away, some of us out there are trying to find dates before we celebrate the holiday of love. Since there are tons of apps out there that can help in finding a date, it's easier than ever before to hit the dating scene. Since first impressions are everything, it's important to dress as nice as you can for a date. Whether you're going out for dinner or you're seeing an exciting movie, your date is definitely going to notice what you're wearing.

If you're a believer of making a good first impression on a date but you're on a budget, we have high-quality and gorgeous products that won't break the bank. Here are some of our first date outfit recommendations to fit your financial situation – and to impress the lucky guy!

The Essential Floral Dress

A beautiful floral dress is one of the easiest ways to impress your date. Nothing is quite as romantic or feminine as a Eiffter floral print dress. This o-neck floral print dress is ideal for the summertime; however, with a nice pair of stockings, a pair of boots, and a cardigan, this adorable floral dress can work well as a first date dress for almost any season, even the winter. To make this first date outfit even more adorable, you can wear butterfly knot ballet flats to achieve the perfect feminine look. These ballet flats are perfect for any occasion, especially when they're worn with stockings during the winter! They come in a lot of different colors, which allows you the freedom to mix and match appropriately.

The Sweet and Elegant Lace Dress

Speaking of feminine looks, an elegant and sexy lace dress is one of the other perfect options for a first date. Lace is a gorgeous material which makes us look even prettier than we already are. Plus, our lace dress recommendation can be purchased for fewer than twenty dollars, which is truly a steal! Much like our floral dress suggestion, this can be worn with stockings, boots, and a cardigan to make it more weather-appropriate for the winter. If you want to accessorize your lace dress, we recommend wearing a solid-colored choker. Chokers are really trendy right now, and chances are high that you've seen a few of your friends wearing them. This is the perfect and most simple accessory out there for a first date!

A Sexy yet Casual Look

Dresses aren't for everyone! That's why we came up with a sexy and casual look which will be guaranteed to impress your date. You'll definitely catch his attention with an off the shoulder top by Vfemage. With a gorgeous bow that ties in the center, the style and color of this top are truly sexy and elegant. This shirt can be purchased in red, blue, yellow, white, black, and striped. No matter what color or pattern, the style of this shirt, as well as its versatility, is a perfect first date option. Did we mention that it's less than twenty dollars, too?

To further add to this sexy yet casual look, we recommend a nice pair of high waist jeans. This outfit recommendation would look the best with a pair of high heels as well, but depending on your level of comfort wearing heels, you might feel like wearing a pair of boots or cute flats. Our ROYYNA pumps are what we recommend the most for this outfit combination. There's just enough heel to add height without feeling uncomfortable.

The Perfect Dress for a Fancy Date

If your first date is at a fancy place, then you'll most likely want to dress the part. What better way to look sophisticated than by wearing a sexy maxi bohemian dress? With over twenty colors to choose from and only a little over thirty dollars, you can't beat the price. This dress adds a sense of style while allowing you to resemble a Greek goddess. We're convinced that this is the ultimate go-to dress for a fancy first date. You can use it for weddings, too – possibly at your next wedding invitation with your new date! Don't forget to pair it with a gorgeous ring, such as this black and gray sparkling rose ring.

An Attention-Grabbing Look

For your first date, you might want to impress him to the extreme, which is perfectly natural. If that's the case, our recommendations for an attention-grabbing look are definitely helpful! We'd like to start off by suggesting a pair of trendy black jeans with pearl accents and a few rips. These pants are definitely a fashion statement! You can mix them up with an elegant long-sleeved top or with a velvet t-shirt top to achieve a bit of a more casual look. Velvet is completely in style these days, so it's not a bad idea to take advantage of this trend before it ends! This look would be a perfect outfit for a first date out at a concert.

If you're daring enough to take the dating world by storm, these outfit ideas are helpful. Of course, it's important to use your best judgment as far as which outfit will look best for a certain occasion. For example, a sweet floral dress would be great for a dinner date, while the recommended sexy but casual look would be ideal for meeting up for drinks. There are endless fashion choices at Solace Connect, so you're bound to find the perfect first date outfit at an incredible price!



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