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Four Fashion Pieces to Achieve Hipster Status

Four Fashion Pieces to Achieve Hipster Status

No matter where you live – whether it's a major city or in the suburbs – you've probably noticed the hipster trend. It's definitely prevalent, with many millennials either wearing this style frequently or at least trying it out. The hipster look is at the very least fun, with a big emphasis on creativity. If you find that you're stuck in a fashion rut, you can definitely depend on the hipster look to take you to the next level of style. With lots of versatility and fashion credentials, you'll be one trendy queen with these looks! Just pop on your favorite flannel, your oversized headphones, and start jamming to your rockin' Spotify playlist as you walk the streets in enviable hipster style.

Our First Hipster Fashion Statement Piece: Distressed Jeans

If you want to look dark and mysterious – which is an essential part of the hipster look – then distressed jeans are an absolute necessity. By distressed, we mean holes and slashes, which add a lot of character. Luckily, distressed jeans come in all sorts of styles, so it's the perfect statement piece for any body type. Our Alice & Elmer ripped jeans are a perfect choice for the distressed hipster look. Another very hipster-inspired look that is always in demand is a vintage approach to jeans. We have vintage high-waist distressed jeans that will exude the hipster style you wish to achieve. With a sweet vintage twist, you'll definitely have the perfect pair of hipster jeans! You don't have to stick with just distressed jean pants, however; you could decide on a nice torn jean jacket with a few rips to show off your rocker side! We simply do not recommend wearing a jean jacket with jean pants because it might be a little overpowering, unless you can pull off the look without a feeling of overkill.

Our Second Hipster Fashion Statement Piece: Flannel Everything

Flannel is a fun pattern. When it comes to dressing hipster, flannel is an absolutely necessity! One of the greatest parts about wearing flannel is that you can mix and match it with graphic t-shirts and other prints. If you're feeling bold and daring, you can wear a flannel button up shirt over a striped t-shirt. As long as you leave the flannel shirt unbuttoned, you'll be able to expose your eye for fun contrasting patterns. In case this is a little too much for you, you can't go wrong wearing a plain black t-shirt with distressed jeans and a button-up flannel shirt on top. If you tend to enjoy a more feminine look, you could opt for a long flannel-patterned dress, which is a gorgeous hipster go-to. It'll be the perfect look for attending that hipster bar you enjoy so much, where you can meet the hipster man of your dreams! You could bond over your love of flannel as a conversation-starter.

Aside from that, we definitely recommend a fun and attention-grabbing graphic t-shirt that can be worn under your flannel shirt. One shirt that we highly recommend is our glitter red lips t-shirt. This shirt is reminiscent of the Rolling Stones, which is an incredible rock band that all fellow hipsters will enjoy discussing. You can talk about your favorite Rolling Stones songs!

Our Third Hipster Fashion Statement Piece: Glasses

When you think of the hipster look, your first thought is most likely of those black glasses with the thick frames. If you need glasses, then you should definitely consider this look! It's been in style for quite some time now and instantly gives you hipster credentials. This is a flattering look as well which can make nearly anyone look intelligent and stylish. With black frames, you'll be bound to match no matter what you wear, which leaves you with instant hipster style and fashion versatility.

Our Fourth Hipster Fashion Statement Piece: Leather

If you think of a typical rock and roller, then you probably think of leather, right? Since the hipster look is highly inspired by rock n' roll looks, you'll want to incorporate leather into your wardrobe in any way possible. Our leather spaghetti strap dress is a great way to add a feminine leather look to your arsenal of hipster styles. To add even more hipster style to this look, you can add a flannel shirt on top with your hipster glasses. This will make you look like a total hipster princess! Since the weather is still relatively cold out, leather jackets are a really great addition to your hipster look. Our slim fit leather motorcycle jacket is not only gorgeous, but will make any outfit look incredible.

Dressing hipster is more than just a new wardrobe: it's also a lifestyle update. Most hipsters like to do things that aren't considered mainstream, such as finding a new music that isn't well-known yet. If you want to dress hipster, it's also a good idea to act the part as well. Try out some local museums and get into some more cultured aspects of your area. You'll also want to hit up as many coffee shops as you can! Don't forget about live music, either. Being a hipster certainly has its quirks, which can be noticed in the clothing that hipsters wear.


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