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How Wooden Bow ties Are Taking The Wedding World By Storm

How Wooden Bow ties Are Taking The Wedding World By Storm

It's the most important day in a man's life- the day he promises to love his significant other for all eternity. While many guests focus on the bride's dress, a groom's suit or tux is equally crucial and a fundamental part of the overall wedding party style. 

A new trend in men's fashion is helping groom's set themselves apart from the pack. The wooden bow tie delivers everything a formal fashion accessory should- class, dignity, and a bit of intrigue. It's something that's going to have guests turning their heads and wondering where such a remarkable bow tie was found. 

Although bow ties have been around since the early 17th century, their popularity didn't surge until the late 19th century when a famous tobacco producer and Thoroughbred horse owner, Pierre Lorillard, wore it to an event at The Tuxedo Club, an esteemed country club located in New York. As with any trend, fellow event attendees noticed the interesting tie around Lorillard's neck and wanted one for themselves. Thus, the bow tie era was born. 

Wooden bow ties are the latest craze to emerge in the bow tie category, with more and more manufacturers taking notice and wanting to get in on this highly sought-after fashion phenomenon. With many wooden bow ties still being handmade, it makes each piece truly unique and ideal for special formal events like weddings that come around only once-in-a-lifetime. 

Even outdoor weddings, that tend to have a more casual feel, can benefit from the bridal party sporting wooden bow ties. More laid-back versions are made from hardwood or cork while the more formal designs might be crafted from a denser wood and include intricate carvings or be stained different colors. 

Pairing the wooden bow tie with matching cuff links or a coordinating handkerchief elevates the style even more. Handkerchiefs are often made to match the center of the wooden bow tie which can be made from different types of fabric or leather. Popular designs include polka dots, floral, geometric, striped, paisley, and, of course, the traditional solid colored. 

Whichever type of wooden bow tie is chosen, it's sure to add a touch of flair and charm that won't be found with a fabric bow tie. It will be the focal point of pictures and the topic of conversation among wedding guests. It might even achieve a feat no groom's accessory has before--outshining the bride's dress.


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