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Jump Up For Jumpsuits- The Latest Women's Fashion Trend

Jump Up For Jumpsuits- The Latest Women's Fashion Trend

A popular fashion trend in the 1970s, the jumpsuit is back and we're here to help you learn the ins and outs of this versatile look and how you can make it work with your style. There's nothing better than throwing on this one-and-done outfit and running out the door to enjoy the activities that you love so much.

Why Wear A Jumpsuit?

You might be wondering why jumpsuits have become such a hot trend recently, and the answer is quite simple. They are so easy to wear and incredibly comfortable. You don't have to worry about coordinating tops and bottoms, and jumpsuits are easy to slip on and off. It's also easy to bring from casual to formal by simply changing out your shoes and accessories or adding a jacket or scarf.

Short Vs. Long

There are two different types of jumpsuits. A long jumpsuit has a full leg that reaches at least to the ankle. This is ideal for work, formal events, and the cooler months of early spring or late fall.

A short jumpsuit, also called a romper, can be either calf-length for a capri style or hit somewhere along the thigh. Short rompers are perfect for summer because they are classy and sophisticated but they still keep you cool and comfortable. Some rompers can be really short- barely covering the bottom- which is a great look if you're going for something a little sexier.

Styling A Jumpsuit

There are so many great looks you can get out of one jumpsuit- the possibilities are nearly endless. You can dress it up with a spiky heel or dress it down with a pair of comfortable flip flops.

Add some pretty jewelry that coordinates well with the ensemble. For instance, a floral jumpsuit with shades of teal and coral would look great with some chunky costume jewelry in the same color palette, while a simple black or white jumpsuit would look elegant with some understated gold or silver jewelry.

You can add a denim jacket or cardigan over a sleeveless jumpsuit to transition it from a summer staple to a warm fall outfit. An infinity scarf is also another accessory that can be added to the ensemble to make it an outfit that will work year round.

We offer a beautiful selection of jumpsuits that will help you embrace this fun fashion trend.
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