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The Top Celebrity Fashion Trends this Winter Season

The Top Celebrity Fashion Trends this Winter Season

With 2018 still fresh and young, it's important for us trendsetters to keep updated with the latest fashions and styles available. Luckily, many celebrities out there have an impeccable sense of style. They're an excellent resource to determine what's hot and what's not. For that reason, our latest blog post is dedicated to what the celebrities are wearing this winter and how you can easily replicate their look using our selection of clothing. And don't worry: we've only included a list of the most fashionable celebrities and their personal styles so you can mimic the most talk-about trends!

First Winter Celebrity Fashion Trend: Oversized Coats

The first trend we've noticed and placed on our list are oversized coats. This winter season, celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba can be seen sporting an oversized coat. A nice oversized coat is truly the winter wardrobe addition that you need not only for a functional purpose, but also because celebrities truly seem to love the look. It's almost as if you can open any fashion magazine featuring winter styles and there will be a celebrity wearing an oversized coat with nearly any outfit in any situation, as long as the weather is cold! One highly suggested oversized coat for this winter season is the Amii Minimalist Woolen Coat. This sleek and elegant coat is a perfect example of how celebrities are wearing this oversized look. It's long, luscious, and most importantly – warm! Available in a warm, rustic red or a classic raven black, you can't go wrong with either color.

Second Winter Celebrity Fashion Trend: Beanies

We've all seen the magazines where a celebrity is walking outside and the paparazzi will snap multiple candid photos. Somehow, these celebrities always look well put-together, with flawless makeup and hair. A common trend you'll notice, however, is that they always seem to be wearing a beanie. One of the easiest ways to mimic the look of a celebrity walking outside candidly is with a simple beanie. Gorgeous celebrities such as Hailey Baldwin have been spotted wearing beanies in addition to their casual winter wear this year. One of the benefits of wearing a beanie this winter season is that you can always use one to cover a bad hair day. It's truly the perfect remedy! Additionally, beanies will keep you warm, and they have an undeniable element of style that has stayed in fashion for many years now. A winter beanie is the simple solution you've been waiting for in terms of fashion and functionality. These classic beanies are available in twenty different colors, so mixing and matching with your favorite winter attire is a breeze! You'll be able to walk around your favorite mall, city streets, or bar looking as effortless as a celebrity who has just stepped outside of her home.

Third Winter Celebrity Fashion Trend: Knee-High Boots

Are you searching for a fashion piece that will not only enhance your appearance, but will deliver a cutting-edge look? Don't worry: we've got the answer. In order to achieve an edgy and daring style, we highly recommend knee-high boots! We absolutely loved how Liv Tyler looked in her knee-high boots paired with a large fluffy jacket. One of the best parts about knee-high boots is their versatility. You can wear them with a nice winter-appropriate outfit, such as warm jeans and an oversized print sweater. If you're going out to a fancy event, you can wear them with a dress or even a blouse with a short skirt. Here's a helpful hint: just don't forget to wear warm leggings if it's cold outside, and stay indoors as much as possible if you decide to wear knee-high boots with a short dress or a skirt. As far as recommendations go for knee-high boots we strongly suggest a pair of faux suede slim boots in a neutral hue. Remember, neutral hues include blacks, browns, grays, and tans. These colors match with nearly everything, which makes it easier to accessorize appropriately. However, you can definitely opt for a different color depending on your specific outfit.

Fourth Winter Fashion Celebrity Trend: Skinny Jeans

Do you want to resemble the look of gorgeous celebrity and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham? You can easily achieve her look with a pair of skinny jeans. Perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing available for this winter season, a pair of skinny jeans will easily allow you to wear essentially anything and still look good. This season, we're crazy about Alice & Elmer's skinny jeans. These quality jeans will provide the high-end look famous celebrities are frequently seen wearing while out and about. To add a further sense of style and edge, we recommend some ripped skinny jeans which will help you to stand out more in the fashion world. With an oversized coat, nice blouse, fun beanie, and elegant knee-high boots, one thing is for sure: you'll be unstoppable! Another look we're crazy about are these black skinny jeans which feature a gorgeous rose pattern. This is an incredibly beautiful look which can easily be paired with a black sweater for a simple yet sophisticated celebrity-inspired trend.

Fifth Winter Fashion Celebrity Trend: Plaid Print Everything

Another fashion trend we've noticed that many celebrities enjoy wearing during the winter season of 2018 is plaid printed items. From oversized scarves to short skirts couple with solid leggings, we've noticed a ton of plaid, and rightly so: this is a fashion print that has proved tirelessly throughout fashion's timeline to be highly sophisticated in taste. One of the most popular celebrities and celebrated singers out there – Taylor Swift – is a huge fan of plaid, especially during this winter season. As far as plaid-themed suggestions go, we highly recommend a v-neck plaid blouse. Our blouse suggestion would look perfect with a pair of ripped skinny jeans, knee-high boots, and a beanie. You could even layer it by wearing a solid tank underneath to add additional warmth to your attire. However, with well-known celebrities such as Taylor Swift loving the plaid look, you'll be sure to be in style by wearing it, too!

These five fashion finds are truly gorgeous, which is why the celebs are wearing them. No matter what Google search you do or magazine you flip open, we're positive that these looks will be spotted on a high-listing celebrity. Our favorite combination is the long, oversized coat worn over a plaid blouse with ripped skinny jeans, along with a solid black beanie coupled with knee-high boots. This is a classic and timeless look worn over and over again by our favorite celebrities throughout the world.



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