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Top 3 Sunglasses for Oval Face Shapes

Top 3 Sunglasses for Oval Face Shapes

With summer still here, those of us with oval face shapes can enjoy all the benefits of a perfect pair of sunglasses. While you're on the beach relaxing with a pina colada in hand, your sunglasses will protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays. Sunglasses are like the sunscreen of your eyes. Without them, your eyes are going to suffer the consequences.

Oval face shapes are very balanced in proportion. With high cheek bones and a narrow chin, your oval face shape is easy to dress up with a pair of sunglasses. Here are our top three selections for summer sunglasses if you have an oval face shape.

1. A Very Vintage Take on Rectangular Sunglasses

If you were born with an oval face shape, you're capable of wearing nearly any pair of sunglasses due to the versatile nature of your frame. Our vintage-themed pair of rectangular sunglasses is a great choice for any oval-shaped face. With a fun and unique style that's fashionable for both the summer and upcoming fall season, you'll enjoy the way it frames your oval-shaped face.

2. Happy and Hopeful Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Since your oval face shape allows you a lot of freedom in style, why not opt for a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses? Your oval face shape can pull off a variety of different looks, with heart-shaped sunglasses being one out of many. Heart-shaped sunglasses are adorable and work well as icebreakers or conversation starters. You'll enjoy your pair of heart-shaped sunglasses while you walk on the boardwalk during the final days of summer.

3. Round and Retro Sunglasses

Nothing could be cuter than a pair of retro-styled round sunglasses. The only thing cuter than a pair of sunglasses in this style is when it's worn on an oval face shape. Thanks to the adaptability of your face shape, round sunglasses look incredible on an oval face shape. That's truly saying something, because not every face shape can pull this off. When you give it a retro touch, your sunglasses are instantly more appealing and interesting.

With only a few weeks left of summer, it's time to truly enjoy every moment that's left. Don't delay on finding your perfect pair of sunglasses. They'll keep your eyes safe and capable of driving through even the brightest summer days!


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