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50s and 60s is in style for 2018..... for REAL!

50s and 60s is in style for 2018..... for REAL!

Unbelievable, I should have hung on to all my clothes from the 80s because 2019 will probably be the return of the 80s.....Lol.  So, I was browsing through fashion magazines trying to stay up on the styles; and I read that at a New York fashion show Paris designers were aggressively pushing 50s and 60s inspired vintage women attire on the runways.  I was able to see a few of the fashions; and sure enough, it inspired me to reach out to my clothing suppliers to ensure that Solace Connect brings our readers the latest vintage styles.  So, over the next couple of weeks, my team will be working hard to bring you fashion that is sure to be a hit in 2018.  Check out our women vintage inspired dresses.  Click Here
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