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Set The Mood With A Cool Moon Lamp

Set The Mood With A Cool Moon Lamp

Decorating your home with personal touches is what turns a space from mundane to extraordinary. There are multiple ways to put your own personal spin on home design, whether it be with wall hangings, paint colors, furniture, flooring, or even lighting.

One unique way to add a special feel to your home both during the day and at night is with a moon lamp. A moon lamp is a great focal piece for an end table or entryway and doubles as both a decoration and a light.

Rechargeable Vs. Battery

Moon lamps operate in a variety of ways, with the two main ways being battery-operated and rechargeable. Battery-operated uses traditional batteries, such as AA or AAA, and gets its energy from the battery. Once the batteries run out, they will need to be replaced in order for the moon lamp to work.

Rechargeable moon lamps are connected to an energy source via a USB cable. They can be charged during the day so that your moon lamp lights the way during the night. Although charging the lamp takes time, it saves money and the hassle of having to replace batteries periodically.

Light It Up

A moon lamp emits a soft glow that is perfect for use as a night light. Some moon lamps come with one color choice while others come with as many as 16 color choices. The multiple color choices can easily be changed with a handy remote control.

There are even moon lamps available which project images onto the surrounding walls and ceiling. A soothing assortment of stars and other shapes are projected from the moon lamp in an array of bright colors. Kids and adults with both love the look of a projector moon lamp.

Bringing The Outside In

It's hard to top the beauty of the night sky. The stars and moon shine brightly, lighting the way through the darkness. Bringing the moon indoors with a moon lamp is an excellent way for outdoor enthusiasts to get their fix before bedtime. The best part is, there's no mosquitoes to contend with while enjoying a piece of the night sky.

Our website offers several beautiful moon lamps with several features like an assortment of colors, charging options, and display stands. Delight in the soft glow of the moon from the comfort of your own home with a soothing moon lamp.
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