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Will You Commit to Finishing Your Goal?

Will You Commit to Finishing Your Goal?

When anyone starts a goal, they plan to achieve it.  However, we never ask ourselves how long we are truly ready to commit to our goals.  Yes, the most important action one must take before starting any pursuit of a goal is how long are you willing to commit to reaching that goal.

Many a time, I would set out on a goal to obtain a certain job, start a business, or achieve an educational goal only to realize that I did not plan for the maximum length of time required to achieve the goal.  Since I did not plan appropriately, I found that I had to fight through self-inflicted doubt that I would not achieve my goal because I had unrealistic time expectations.

Therefore, when you start any pursuit in life, you need to know the maximum time you are willing to commit to a goal.  If you are starting a new business endeavor, you may want that business to turn a profit in 3 to 6 months; however, that business may not turn its first profit until 3 or 4 years later.  As a result, you need to state that you are committed to your goal even if it takes 3 to 4 years.

Once you have stated how long you are willing to commitment to reaching your goal, you can eliminate the chance of giving up on your goal because of unrealistic time expectations.  What I am saying is that; if you stated 3 years to achieve your goal, then you can dedicate yourself to focusing on learning as much as you can about the activities and disciplines required to reach your goal instead of focusing on how long it is taking.  And, this dedication to realizing the goal will guarantee you success in your initial goal or the new opportunities that will present themselves while pursuing your original goal.

In closing, we all set goals with the expectation of achieving them; however, if your expectation of when you should reach your goals is too narrow, you may be creating an opportunity to give up on your goals due to unrealistic time constraints.  Therefore, always find evidence of the earliest date one has achieved a similar goal and the longest one has taken to reach the same goals.  By choosing the longest time taken to reach goals like to yours, you will reduce the chance of you giving up on your goals due to unrealistic time expectations.


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