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Fill Your Gratitude Tank with Rocket Fuel and Watch Your Life Soar

Fill Your Gratitude Tank with Rocket Fuel and Watch Your Life Soar

Nick Vujijic (Voyachitch) is a story everyone should learn about.  This man was born without legs or arms due to a rare genetic disorder.   He suffered through sever verbal assaults from his peers.  He struggled with constant suicidal thoughts and even attempted suicide on a few occasions during his teenage years.  See, Nick felt that he would never have a life because of his condition.  He felt he would be a burden to his family; in that, they would have to care for him physically and financially.  He felt he would never find love, get married, and have children.  Yep, Nick, as a young man, had his life all planned out.

Have you struggled with tough challenges; and felt you knew how the story was going to end? For some people, they may have felt the outcome would be positive; but, for most, they focus on what they don’t want.  They focus on a story that has not been written.  Nick Vujijic (Voyachitch) did just that.  So, what changed for this young man?

Nick stated, that during his teenage years his mother told him a story of a man who had a sever disability; yet that man did not let his disability stop him from living.  Nick stated that this moment with his mother started him up the road to change.

However, if you listen to Nick speak, you will hear the basis for his growth into the man he is today.  I believe Nick mastered one of the most powerful pillars to success which is Gratitude!  Yes, Gratitude.  Gratitude is what changed for Nick.  He began to look at what he does have.  He began to appreciate his family, what he can physically do, and the fact that he is alive.  Therefore, he had blessings that he could build on.

So, many times, we as humans must look at others’ struggles to feel blessed or thankful.  For instance, you are in a pissed off mood; and you see a homeless person asking for money.  Now, you feel thankful because you have a home.  Another example, you see malnourished children on tv from a third world country; so, you feel blessed because you are not hungry.  Now, there is nothing wrong with finding gratitude when you witness other person’s sufferings; but can you do yourself a favor?  Can you be grateful every day?  Can you look at your life each day and be amazed at the awesome miracle of life you experience every day?

So, what I want all of us to do is to fill our gratitude tanks with so much rocket fuel our lives begin to soar to unbelievable heights.  And, for each of you in this room, those unbelievable heights may look different from others in this room.  Some of you, may want to increase your love life, spiritual life, financial life, or overall satisfaction with your life, in general.  However, gratitude is one of the most important pillars in that journey.

This is what we are going to do.  Everyday we are going to find the gratitude that can be extracted from every situation we face.  Look, to get the rocket fuel we need to soar to greater heights in our lives, we need to drill!  I mean every opportunity we have; we need to find fuel.  So, you may ask, how are we going to get this rocket fuel for our tanks?  Well, this it…. Read closely.

Starting now, I want you to think of 10 things you are grateful for.  You may state you are grateful for your spouse, home, investment account, kids, your second chance at life, friends, love, running, swimming, etc.  I also want you to consider writing down for 7 days 10 different things you are grateful for each day. 

Next, whenever you are met with frustration, fear, sadness, or any other moment; I want you to feel the emotions in that moment.  That moment may last a few minutes to 6 months or longer.  But, when you feel you are ready, I want you to attempt this exercise:  

It would go like this…. This is just an example.   But, you can apply this exercise to any situation in your life.  You are at the coffee maker at your office; and the most annoying person approaches you.  You immediately feel frustration at the site of this person.  Now, here is your chance to extract rocket fuel to fill your tank of gratitude.  Witness this flow of thoughts you could decide to have…. I am grateful I have eyes and ears to see this person.  I am happy I can stand to listen to this person even if for only one minute.  I am glad a was able to walk to the coffee maker and see this annoying person because that means I am alive.  I am grateful I can smell the coffee and onions on their breath.  I am grateful I have a job or a business to collect a paycheck from.  You could go on and on.  However, that annoying person is now part of a positive flow of thoughts.  No one or situation should control your happiness.  Being thankful is the key to gain control of your narrative.

In Closing, Nick Vujijic filled his gratitude tank with so much Rocket fuel; he was able to learn how to swim.  As well as, he learned to walk…yes walk.  In his late 20s, he started several companies.  Also, he is married.  Yes, this young man who thought he would not find love is married; and his wife and he have four sons.  All of this is because he became grateful.  So, practice the few exercises I have discussed with you.  As you apply them to your life, watch your ability to find rocket fuel for your gratitude tank increase and watch your life soar.

Watch my video blog explaining this Pillar of Success in more detail


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Gerald Woods is Director of Operation at Solace Connect, LLC based in San Antonio, TX.  He has written many articles on various toGerald Woodspics dealing with online streaming, fashion, fitness, and a host of other topics.  He graduated from Prairie View A&M University with a B.B.A . in Finance.  Follow his team and him at Facebook or by subscribing to our News Letter at the bottom of this webpage.


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