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All About Earrings: An Accessory For All

All About Earrings: An Accessory For All

Earrings are the most versatile piece of jewelry as they can be worn by men and women of all ages. In some cultures, infants get their ears pierced as soon as they are born- although many pediatricians in the United States recommend waiting until a child is old enough to care for the piercings on their own.

Wearing earrings does not take much effort. They are simply placed into the ear lobe and can be forgotten about until it's time to remove them. Choosing the right pair for each outfit is often the most challenging task when it comes to wearing earrings.

The Different Types Of Earrings

Earrings come in many different shapes and sizes. From studs to hoops to climbers to dangles, you can find a pair that coordinates with any type of outfit.

Stud earrings are the easiest pair to wear as they are understated enough for jeans and a tee while also being elegant enough for a black tie event. Hoops are a classic choice and add a bit of flair to an otherwise every day outfit. Climbers are a unique piece that climb up the ear, making it look like you have multiple piercings. Dangles are the go-to earrings for formal events, often favored by celebrities on the red carpet and brides on their wedding day.

A Historic Look At Earrings

In ancient times, piercing the ears was the first-known way for a human to alter the look of their appearance. Even the Bible makes reference to pierced ears, so it's a process that has been around for centuries.

Although at first wearing earrings was an important part of various cultures, by the English Renaissance, earrings were more of a fashion statement than a tradition. Recent years have seen a surge in popularity when it comes to ear piercings, particularly uncommon piercings like the tragus, rook, helix, orbital, and daith.

Making Earrings A Part Of Your Style

Some people wear earrings every day while others choose to only wear them for special occasions. Having so many different earring options makes wearing them with any outfit an easy task. Choose a variety of styles to build a diverse collection of earrings.

Whichever type you're looking for, our website is sure to have something to fit the bill. We have dozens of beautiful styles to choose, perfect for enhancing your earring swag.
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