Determine Shoe Size

When we started selling shoes, we realized most people do not know how to measure their shoe size. Let's face it most of us grew up going to a shoe store to buy our shoes; therefore, the shoe salesmen determined our shoe size.  With the drawing and chart below, you will be able to determine your shoe size.


  • While sitting, flatten your foot by shifting your weight forward to ensure an accurate reading when measuring.
  • Always move up to the larger size if your measurement is between two sizes.
  • Many people have feet of different sizes; therefore, you need to measure both feet. Remember to select your shoe size based on the larger foot.
  • For daily footwear, fit yourself when you've been on your feet all day because your feet have expanded.


Determine Shoe Size

Foot Size Chart

Other Considerations

View chart along with other charts to ensure that you get the right size

Shoe Measurements