About us

Gerald Black, LLC, operating through its vibrant online portal GeraldBlack.com, stands as a testament to the dynamic evolution of the fashion retail industry. Founded by Gerald Woods on January 1, 2016, the company initially embarked on a journey in the electronics retail sector, catering primarily to a United States clientele. Yet, as the winds of change blew and passions realigned, the company underwent a transformative shift, pivoting from electronics to the pulsating world of fashion.


  1. History
  2. Mission and Philosophy
  3. Distinctive Approach to Fashion Retail
  4. Product Selection and Pricing
  5. Community and Customer Engagement


GeraldBlack.com, originally established as SolaceConnect.com, reflects Gerald Woods’ deep-seated passion for fashion. In the years following its inception, the business evolved, rebranding itself as Paylessclothing.com before ultimately adopting its current identity. Today, GeraldBlack.com stands as a global fashion retailer, servicing an eclectic clientele spanning from the United States to far-reaching corners of the world including Canada, the UK, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, and the Philippines.

Mission and Philosophy

At the heart of GeraldBlack.com is a mission to curate and provide fashion that allows individuals to express their unique personas, be it creative, sexy, or relaxed. Gerald and his team are committed to offering fashion that is distinct and not ubiquitously found, ensuring customers stand out with their alluring taste. In addition to offering unique fashion, GeraldBlack.com is dedicated to providing these exceptional products at the best possible prices, often including free shipping, thereby passing savings directly to the customers. This dual commitment to uniqueness and affordability has been a significant driver in the company's sustained growth.

Distinctive Approach to Fashion Retail

Gerald Woods, in his reflections on the fashion retail industry, identified a common frustration among consumers: the overwhelming abundance of identical products priced differently. GeraldBlack.com addresses this issue head-on, offering a range of unique products, all priced transparently at their best value. The company takes pride in its selection of high-quality, durable, and stylish fashion, sourced from an array of talented designers from around the globe.

Product Selection and Pricing

The product range at GeraldBlack.com is meticulously curated to ensure diversity in style and design, steering clear of redundant listings of identical products. Customers can expect to find competitively priced fashion, all backed by product guarantees and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction.

Community and Customer Engagement

Gerald Woods extends a warm invitation to all visitors of GeraldBlack.com to explore the diverse range of fashion offerings, engage with the community, and provide feedback on potential additions to the product line or services. The company maintains an active presence, keeping customers updated on the latest offerings and news through a weekly email newsletter.


Gerald Woods Founder, Gerald Black, LLC