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Cruisin' on a Ship: How to Set Sail Fashionably

Cruisin' on a Ship: How to Set Sail Fashionably

Now that the warmer weather is upon us, we can enjoy all of the luxuries that spring and summer have to offer. Speaking of luxuries, vacations and cruises are currently in season. Have you recently booked a cruise? If you have, you might be anxiously wondering what to pack. Not to worry, we'll help you to decide!

Cruises are a great deal of fun. It doesn't matter if you're going with your best friends, your family, or your significant other. When you go on a cruise, you're bound to enjoy all that the ship and the sights have to offer. For a flawless experience, we've provided you with a guide of appropriate clothing and accessories while you board a Caribbean cruise.

1. A Hawaiian Shirt

Have you ever needed an excuse to wear a Hawaiian shirt? Guess what? Now you have one! That's right – a cruise is the best time to wear a Hawaiian shirt. There's a very high chance that you won't be the only one sporting the classic button-up arrangement of palm trees and floral patterns, either. If we're truly honest with ourselves, most men out there have wanted to test their luck wearing a Hawaiian shirt, whether it's as a comical conversation starter or as a serious fashion statement. While you're on your cruise, you can truly test the waters with a Hawaiian shirt of your choice – or two, or three.

2. A Good Jacket and Tie Combination

Did you think that a cruise included casual wear only? Well, for the most part, this is true – however, during your time dining on the deck, you'll be happy you packed your tie. The reason for this is because certain cruises come with dress codes.

Before packing, it's a smart idea to review the cruise and its dress code, especially during Captain's Dinners. These are dinners where "cruise elegant" clothing is required. For most cruises, this is reserved for about one or two nights during your time on the ship. Make sure to bring your best jacket and tie combination for the cruise, and you might even want to go as far as bringing a tuxedo, believe it or not.

Here's a general rule of thumb: If you're staying on a cruise for two to five days, you'll definitely want to pack at least one fancy jacket and tie combination. For a cruise that lasts longer than five days, you'll want to pack two "cruise elegant" outfits, with a tuxedo possibly being one of them. Well, here's your chance to look good – really good – as you clink glasses across the table from your significant other, gazing at the sea!

3. A Hat or a Visor

Once the ship starts sailing, you'll want to lounge about and enjoy the radiant sun. Of course, one of the biggest and most important items that you should pack with you is a good sunscreen. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher in order to prevent skin cancer and other such diseases.

However, a hat or a visor can make it fashionable to prevent any potential skin disease. When you're on a cruise, you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors, which is why a hat or a visor will really come in handy. One of the worst occurrences that could happen while on your cruise is for you to get really nasty sunburn. If you want to stop any peeling or blistering from sunburn, it's absolutely in your best interest to pack a protective hat.

4. Comfortable Shoes

While you're on a cruise, you'll want to pack comfortable shoes. These include sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops. Many cruises suggest wearing comfortable shoes which feature rubber soles. The reason for this is so that there is extra traction while you're walking on the ship. If you want to make a statement while on the ship, make sure to pack a pair of our no-slip flop flops. This will make your trip a safe one. Don't forget that staying safe while on a ship is very important since you won't be able to visit a hospital right away in the event of an emergency.

5. Swim Shorts

That's right – you don't want to forget your swim trunks! This year, two-tone swim shorts are truly making a statement. If you want to stand out while you're swimming, you could also opt for a fun pattern on your swim shorts. Pineapples, flamingos, and flowers are all extremely hip patterns that you can pull off while on a cruise. The most important thing to remember while you're on a cruise is to have the time of your life, which can easily be accomplished by venturing out to new fashion trends. Even if it's as simple as trying out a new pattern on your swim shorts, you'll be glad you tried out something new.

6. A Rain Jacket or Poncho

What happens if it rains while you're on a cruise? Well, that's when it's time to break out the rain jacket or poncho. You'll thank yourself later because the weather sure can be fickle. Even if the weather app on your phone predicts sunshine, it could turn into rain. Before it does, you'll have your poncho ready.

7. A Camera

While you're on your cruise surrounded by loved ones – or even if you're daring enough to go alone – you'll want to pack a camera with you. This way, you can capture all of the unforgettable moments that your travels have to offer.

Depending on who you go with, there are other various items you'll want to bring along with you during your cruise. For instance, if you're traveling with your children, you'll want to bring toys and games for them to enjoy while sailing on the sea. Don't forget to pack some reading material for yourself and a cell phone charger so that you can keep your mind occupied during the quieter moments on the ship.


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