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Feeling Festive: Our Fourth of July Fashion Finds for Men

Do you want to look as festive as possible for the upcoming Fourth of July? There's no shame in admitting that you want to appear stylish, and any major holiday...

Do you want to look as festive as possible for the upcoming Fourth of July? There's no shame in admitting that you want to appear stylish, and any major holiday generally includes its own set of colors and themes. This makes it easy for us to look and dress the part for when a specific holiday arrives. While the fireworks are exploding beautiful colors across the night sky in various patterns, there's no better way to say "Happy birthday!" to America than by wearing some red, white, and blue. Here is a list of our top Fourth of July fashion finds for men to show off your true American spirit.

Denim with Red

Whether that cute girl has invited you and your friends to her Fourth of July party or your family is having a backyard barbeque, one thing is for sure: you might as well get festive! That's right: no matter what type of event it is, dressing for the Fourth of July is simple when you combine denim with red. You can choose to wear a denim or chambray button-up with red shorts or pants, or vice versa. To add that touch of white, you can always opt for our lace-up canvas espadrilles.

Go Black and White

So, you're not one for color, are ya? If you don't like to wear red or blue – or if these two colors just don't seem to go well with your skin tone – then we've got an exciting option for you. A black and white graphic t-shirt of an American flag paired with your choice of pants or shorts is perfectly acceptable. Maybe you're not one to go with the crowd, or you're looking for a new Fourth of July fashion alternative. We totally get it, which is why we approve of the black and white American flag graphic.

Seeing Stars

For an easy way to add a touch of Fourth of July flavor, you can add a fun top or bottom that's covered with stars to your ensemble. We like the idea of a blue shirt with star patterns on it and red shorts, for example. However, if you prefer the opposite look instead, then go with a pair of patterned shorts with a solid shirt. The only recommendation that we have is not to get too star-crazed and wear this print on both your shirt and your pants.

If you're ready to enjoy the fireworks with family and friends, don't forget to be festive with these suggested looks. As always, remember to take the heat into consideration for summer fashion trends, since it can get hot out there! Enjoy your holiday while showing America that you care.


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