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How to Choose Women's Clothing for a Gift

How to Choose Women's Clothing for a Gift

If you are contemplating buying a shirt, blouse, jeans, yoga pants or another item of clothing for someone, then you know it can be a very frustrating experience. After all, you want your lady friend to be thrilled with the item you select while being totally surprised. While you may need a little luck, a sharp mind and some good detective skills, following some steps will help you select the right item or a fabulous outfit. 

Analyze The Recipient's Clothing Style

Different people love to wear different styles of clothes. Watch the recipient in different settings to see what they love to wear because what they wear to work or wear on a casual date may be two different things. Some styles include: 
  • Vintage- Vintage clothing ranges from skirts and tops worn in the 1920s to those worn in the 1970s. Some of the most popular vintage items for women include A-line skirts, sheath cocktail dresses and denim pedal pushers. 
  • Bohemian- Taking its inspiration from gypsies, this style often relies on bold prints and unusual textures. Some of the most popular Bohemian clothing items including maxi dresses, tunic tops and maxi skirts.
  • Chic- These are the fashion-forward ladies who love to wear monochromatic colors and sleek clean lines. Outerwear often has a boxy style. Popular chic clothing items include tailored black slacks, belted white dress shirts and velvet or denim jackets.
  • Sexy- While the feminine figure can look sexy in a variety of looks, this style focuses on tight-fitting clothes. Usually, a lot of skin is showing. Popular sexy clothing items include tight skirts, bodycon dresses and tops emphasizing the breast. 
  • Casual- This style emphasizes comfort over being put together. While they may have to wear a pair of dress pants and a dressy blouse at work, they prefer loose-fitting jeans, yoga pants or a sundress.

Choose Colors and Fabric

After you know the woman's fashion-style, then you are ready to think about colors and fabrics. If you see a woman always wearing one color, she probably loves it. Generally, women with lighter skin clothing look better in dark-color clothing while those with dark skin tones often look best in light-color clothing. Women who are tiny boned often look great in big florals and loud geometric prints while those who are big boned often prefer more monochromatic clothing. 

Pick by Body Shape

Every woman's body has a unique shape. Yet, women are often classified by their body shape including: 
  • Hourglass- These women are larger in the top and bottom with a narrower waist. They often look outstanding in lighter fabrics that emphasize their waist. 
  • Pear- These women have hips and thighs that are wider than their shoulders by about 5 percent. They often look great in tight-fitting tops, flare-bottom pants and off-the-shoulder dresses. 
  • Apple- These women often have a large bust, carry extra weight in their stomachs and lack a defined waist. They often look great in v-neck loose-fitting tops, dresses that have a waistline just below the bust and skinny jeans. 
  • Straight- About 45 percent of all women fall into this category with their hips and bust being about equal sizes. These women often look best in blouses with a belt, embellished pants and dresses that have embellishments at the waist or bust. 
Now that you understand some basics of buying women's clothing, you are ready to sneak a peek in their closet to find out what size they wear. Then, head online to find the perfect outfit for them.


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