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How to Dress in a Functional and Fashionable Way for Summer

Summer is possibly the most anticipated time of the year. Many of us dream of the opportunities that summer brings: cold cocktails in hand at an outdoor bar, backyard barbeques...

Summer is possibly the most anticipated time of the year. Many of us dream of the opportunities that summer brings: cold cocktails in hand at an outdoor bar, backyard barbeques with cherished friends, and captivating dates that last longer than expected. Of course, there's also the luminous summer sun as you walk barefoot on the beach, the exclusive amusements of the boardwalk, and city sights that are absolutely worth capturing in a photograph.

Now that summer isn't so far away, it's a good idea to prepare by updating your current wardrobe. This way, you'll be the first one flaunting incredible summer steals while looking as stylish as ever. Even if you're a rather burly man who has little to no interest in fashion, we've compiled a list of summer must-haves that serve a functional purpose in addition to its undeniable style appeal. Here's a helpful guide on how to dress stylishly this summer in both a functional and fashionable way.

1. Get your hands on a summer hat.

If you're not a fan of sunscreen, then it's time to find a summer hat. Baseball caps tend to look great with nearly everything, especially while you're sitting outside enjoying a game with your entourage. If you want a hat for fashion purposes, then take a look at your current wardrobe and determine which colors you wear the most frequently. If you're a fan of neutral colors and it shows in your wardrobe, then a hat is an excellent way to add a pop of color, such as red, green, or blue.

2. Don't skip the swimwear!

With summer around the corner, one thing is for sure: you'll be surrounded by water. Whether you live within a close distance to a beach or you have a pool in your backyard, you'll definitely want a pair of swim shorts to accompany you. Since you only get to wear swim shorts once a year, we highly suggest having fun with the pair you choose. You can go bold with a pair of brightly colored shorts, or even with a fun pattern. We encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and go with something you've never tried before, just to break up the monotony.

3. Find fashionable footwear.

This summer, socks are optional. Really – there's no reason to be wearing socks unless you've chosen to wear specific footwear to the workplace. To let your feet breathe this summer, you can always go with flip-flops, which are a tried and true option for both men and women alike. If you want to give your footwear an extra kick, however, you should try out canvas espadrilles. These are truly a fashion statement and go well with nearly any outfit. They add a fun casual element of style while still allowing you to shine.

4. Sport some shades!

We're not talking about the bad type of shade, either. This summer, you'll definitely benefit from wearing a pair of sunglasses. While you're out driving or enjoying the sun, you'll want to keep your eyes protected. Plus, sunglasses can make any man instantly look cooler. Isn't it nice to know that sunglasses can offer such a hip look while serving an entirely meaningful purpose? If you're convinced you don't look good in sunglasses or you feel like you can't find the right pair, here's what we suggest you search for based on your face shape.

Oblong face shapes: If your face is long with a narrow chin and cheeks, you would look best with wide frames that feature fun patterns. For an exciting twist, you can check out a pair of hexagonal frames, which are sure to draw attention wherever you go.

Oval face shapes: An oval face shape tends to have a balanced forehead, cheeks, and jaw. This allows you to wear nearly any type of sunglasses on your face. We recommend tortoise-shell frames and half-frames for their fun, stylish value.

Square face shapes: A square face shape is defined as having a broad forehead with a masculine jawline. For this face shape, we highly suggest large oval frames or curved frames.

Round face shapes: If you have full cheeks with a narrow forehead and jaw, you're the proud owner of a round face shape! For this face type, we suggest wearing wide frames, or sunglasses that feature a thick bridge.

Now that you know what you'll look good in, make sure to take a look at our selection of men's sunglasses!

5. Layer up with a light windbreaker.

This summer, there's a huge chance that you'll be exploring many of earth's natural treasures. The beach, mountains, and even the city can all become chilly at some point in the night, and when it does, you'll be happy to have that windbreaker by your side. You can pack it for when you're visiting that long-awaited trip you've planned months in advance, or you can leave it in your car to grab later on while you're out. Either way, you'll be glad you invested in a windbreaker. For summer, you can feel free to be as bold and as daring as you want with your windbreaker color choices: colors such as sunburst, lime green, cyan, and yellow are all perfectly acceptable. If you've ever wanted to experiment with color, summer is definitely the perfect time to! You can choose to go with a solid bright color, or you could even find a fun tropical pattern with bold, daring colors. Windbreakers will give you additional fashion credentials that your typical summer outfit might not have allowed for.

This summer, soak in the sights and the sun while looking as stylish as possible. This how-to guide will make you make you look sharp and presentable over the hot summer months. Whether you're surfing, lounging by the pool, or playing mini-golf, you'll be confident in your clothing.


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