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How to Impress Your College Peers: Fashion Edition

So, you've been accepted into the college or university of your choice. That acceptance letter, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the most unforgettable remembrances of your...

So, you've been accepted into the college or university of your choice. That acceptance letter, without a shadow of a doubt, is one of the most unforgettable remembrances of your life. "Congratulations – you've been accepted for the fall semester of our campus." That beginning sentence – whether it's replaced with a "spring" or "summer" – but always added with the exact year of attendance – can be such an ethereal and unexplainable sighting to behold. There's no question that an acceptance letter from your chosen college or university can be a feeling that's next to nearly indescribable.

When that letter finally arrives, it's almost too amazing to fathom. That makes perfect sense. After all, everyone enjoys feeling validated and accepted. However, another part of being accepted into that college or university of choice is to look as good as you can. You could possibly even meet the man of your dreams while you're sitting in your literature class, after all! In order to make a good impression, we've compiled a list of incredible campus-friendly and fashionable finds that'll make you the talk of the classroom. Here is what we strongly recommend.

First Go-To Campus Outfit: The Jean Ensemble

While you're walking across campus, you'll definitely want to own the jean look. So, how can you "own" this jean look? It's fairly simple. First, we absolutely recommend watching our sizing video, which will help you to get an idea of how our jeans fit. After you've watched our helpful video, you'll want to explore our many gorgeous jean selections which are all perfect for a college campus, no matter what time of the year. It could be spring, it could be fall – it doesn't matter, because jeans are always in style! The latest trend that we've spotted on the streets is the black jeans with rose decal look. This is such a feminine and beautiful look that is bound to draw all eyes on you. The best part is that these jeans speak volumes on their own; you could add a simple white, black, or other solid colored top and be good to go. You could even accessorize further with a red statement necklace to go with the red decal of the rose. However, if these jeans are too detailed for you, you could always opt for the pencil straight blue jeans that we have to offer, which will pair up well with literally any top of your choosing. For the spring semester, we're absolutely in love with this hunter green embroidery shirt that will look beautiful with our pencil blue jeans.

The Second Go-To Campus Outfit: The Go-Getter Gown

Who says you can't dress up on campus? If anything, this will draw more attention to you – and most likely, it'll be positive attention! When you're dressed in your best dress, you're definitely going to have some eyes landing on you. With spring here, we're all about maxi dresses. A maxi dress is the perfect gown for campus wear since it's long enough to keep you warm yet sophisticated enough to make you look flawless. However, for the springtime, patchwork dresses are really in style. Most campuses have a hippie and a new-age vibe to them, which is why a patchwork dress would really work out in your favor. Our most recent patchwork dress in white is a perfect addition to your new college campus wardrobe! If the patchwork look doesn't quite float your boat, we have multiple printed sleeveless dresses that will absolutely suit you. If it gets cold while you're on campus, you could always wrap a nice cardigan over your printed dress to keep yourself warm. Just remember to not dress like you would if you were to go to a club. There's nothing more off-putting than a student wearing a sequin dress and high heels to her chemistry class!

The Third Go-To Campus Outfit: The Classy and Comfortable "Bum"

When we say classy bum, we mean it in the most endearing way possible. Everyone is "bummin' it" from time to time. After all, you're going to be incredibly busy with six classes and a possible job or two while you're working toward your degree. Before we get into fashion, we strongly recommend getting into the habit of rocking the messy bun. We also suggest getting into a very healthy skincare routine so that you won't have to worry about applying makeup which will take up valuable time. Drink plenty of water, invest in activated charcoal masks, and keep yourself away from nasty toxins. With that being said, now we can focus on how to dress comfortable while still looking fashionable on campus, with minimal effort on your part. We absolutely suggest fun and funny printed shirts that will not only be comfortable to wear, but can also serve as a conversation starter. Our "kinda classy, kinda hood" t-shirt is hilarious and will definitely spark a conversation from a fellow classmate. However, our absolute favorite comfortable yet stylish outfit is our jean harem pants. These pants are, without a doubt, the quintessential college campus jeans that you need to own if you plan on rushing around classes across from your university's campus. Not only are they comfortable, but they're super stylish! Your friends will love them and they'll even ask where you purchased them.

College is such a fun time. You will meet some of the best people during your time at the university of your choice. Your professors will even become some of your friends, too! Always remember to keep in contact with your professors so you can use them as recommendations further down the road for jobs. They're absolutely invaluable resources you'll grow to cherish for years after. Your college friends and roommates will be the best friends you'll have in your entire lifetime, and you might even meet your dream man during your time in school. Just remember to follow our fashion advice, stick to your studies, and put 100% of your efforts into college life.


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