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It's Business Time: How to Dress Business-Casual for Work

It's Business Time: How to Dress Business-Casual for Work

Although summer is here, some of us might be on the job hunt for a better opportunity. Perhaps your boss is a micromanager who doesn't let you breathe without his or her permission, or maybe it's as simple as your salary expectations aren't being met. Understandably, you've probably sent out your resume to a multitude of different exciting companies, and you've most likely even received a job interview or two during your job search. However, when the posting says that you can dress business casual in the office, what exactly does that mean? Here are a few ways to dress business casual for your new job and how to pull it off in style.

A Button-Up Denim Shirt

Well, button-up shirts are well-known as an office classic. However, when you combine these office classics with the denim look, you'll instantly have a business casual look that will turn heads. With this ensemble, try to wear a pair of casual black, brown, tan, or even red pants just to add a hint of color.

A Fun Patterned Tee

Since your new job will be business casual, why not experiment with a fun new print or pattern? You could wear a conversation-starter button-up printed tee like our pineapple Hawaiian shirt. You'll be bound to receive some smiles and compliments thrown your way at how casual and daring your work wardrobe styles are. Besides, when isn't it a good time to rock a pineapple button-up at the office? The answer: it's always a good time to wear a pineapple button-up at the office. However, you're more than welcome to experiment with any t-shirt that has a fun pattern on it, such as cactuses, for instance.

A Good Pair of Espadrilles

Nothing could be quite as stylish as a pair of espadrilles. After all, many city hipsters enjoy wearing them. If you just so happen to fit into this category, then you'll love these fashionable shoes. If you don't fit into this category, then we promise that you'll still love these fashionable shoes. Since espadrilles are both somewhat fancy and appropriate for business casual work attire, you'll be in heaven slipping on a pair of these comfortable yet stylish work-appropriate shoes. One of the greatest things about these shoes is that they'll be in style for the fall, too!

These three options are easy and fashionable choices to incorporate into your wardrobe if you've been hired for a business that dresses business-casual. As always, dress in a way that expresses your individuality without going overboard (you know, don't go into work wearing a trench coat, rainbow-colored hair, and piercings in places they shouldn't be) but always feel free to wear what best represents you in the form of clothing. Oh, and enjoy your new job!


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