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Men’s Style: How To Dress When Visiting a European Country

Men’s Style: How To Dress When Visiting a European Country

Bonjour, hola, and ciao! Those are only three different ways to say hello in another language, which is always helpful to know. If you're a fashion-savvy man with a refined taste in culture, you probably keep yourself updated with popular trends in order to maintain an attractive appearance. However, it's always a fun and interesting idea to borrow from other cultures, whether it's a certain country's food, etiquette, or even fashion sense.

There's no doubt that life can need become stagnant and require a certain change. Luckily, not only can another country bring invaluable life experiences, but also a nice change of scenery. You'll also enjoy a new culture accompanied with unique values, which allows for a nice shift in perspective. If you're looking for a shift in location, however, then this guide will help you to dress like a local when visiting a certain country.

Are you ready to travel to a faraway place in Europe that can offer you the change you're seeking in your life? If the answer to this question is yes, then read on!

How to Dress When Visiting France

Bonjour, monsieur! If you're visiting France for the first time, you'd better bring your best fashion game! The city of lights is well-known as one of the strongest fashion hubs in the world, but no pressure! (Just kidding, there's kind of a little bit of pressure here to step up your fashion game.) To put it bluntly, Parisian men put the rest of the world to shame with their fashion sense. You'll want to dress to impress when you're here! It's no big deal though because it's totally doable. Here's how:


  • Focus on tailored yet minimalistic styles, such as a slim fit button-up shirt
  • Learn how to layer well; Parisian men are excellent at layering clothing!
  • Make sure to find the quintessential striped Benton t-shirt, which is extremely popular in France due to its significant ties to the French navy
  • You can purchase a beret if you really want to wear one, but it's definitely not necessary!
  • Take a look at some fancy trousers with pinstripe detail – they'll look très magnifique with your slim fit button-up shirt!

Oh, and while you're looking fresh in France, make sure to bring your fiancé and propose to her by the Eiffel Tower – unless you feel that's cliché! We've also heard that the baguettes and crepes in France are out of this world, so make sure to indulge.

How to Dress When Visiting Italy

If you're a fan of the finer things in life – such as unbelievable food (you know, the type that makes you salivate simply thinking about it) – then Italy should be on the top of your destination list. No matter where you go in Italy, you're in for a treat – and it might even be an Italian pastry if you're lucky! So, how can you fit in with the locals? Here are some fashion tips:

  • Slim or skinny fit jeans are preferred as bottoms in Italy for men (and women, actually!)
  • Tailored jeans are also preferred, but you can easily achieve this look with a pair of ankle jeans instead
  • A well-tailored jacket to make you look as incredible as the Italians do
  • Show off a pair of leather or suede shoes
  • Wrap a fashion scarf around your neck
  • Purchase a few pants in an array of colors – that's right, men in Italy like to wear fun-colored trousers!

While you're walking in Milan, you'll look as fashionable as a regular Italian who's lived there his entire life. You're going to be gaining a lot of approving stares if you follow our how-to guide in Italian fashion!

How to Dress When Visiting England

Ah, England. It's the home of some of the greatest musicians of our time, such as the Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead, and the Rolling Stones. However, the fashion sense in England is also quite respected, and here's how you can look like a local while you order your fish and chips at the pub.

  • Bring a tailored suit with you for fancy occasions, along with patterned ties to wear underneath
  • For an urban feel, you can wear fashionable joggers or even basketball shorts worn with sneakers
  • To obtain an England nineties fashion outfit, wear crew-neck tees, roll-neck sweaters, and plaid flannels
  • Find a neutral-colored structured jacket to really own that London look
  • Like Italians, Londoners enjoy the leather footwear look
  • Speaking of leather, many Londoners and natives of England enjoy leather jackets; after all, they are the birthplace of punk!

While you're out on the town admiring the scenery and the music scene, as well as the captivating London Eye, you're bound to look flawless as you step outside in your tailored suit and leather shoes.

So, have you decided yet where you'd like to go? Based on the fashion sense listed above for each of the three European countries covered, where would you like to visit first? Of course, we understand that your desire to visit another one of these three countries could be purely out of personal interest; perhaps you studied French in high school and have a supreme grasp of the language, and you'd like to become an English teacher there. Or perhaps you have family members in Italy who you're ecstatic to meet to taste their delicious home-cooked meals and to gain their recipe secrets. You could even want to travel to England because you find the accent attractive when the ladies converse with you over crisps.

Whatever your reasoning is for traveling, we're happy that you've decided to take the plunge and to venture into a new and exciting territory. We truly wish you the best during your travels, but don't forget to book your plane ticket as soon as possible!


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