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Snuggly Sweaters: Why They're Useful All Year Long

Snuggly Sweaters: Why They're Useful All Year Long

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping- spring is here and before you know it, those hot summer days will be upon us. You might be thinking it's time to pack away those winter clothes in favor of tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits.

While it's true that the warmer weather does require lighter clothing, there's still plenty of reasons to keep a few cozy pieces in your closet. Better yet, you might want to add a few new items to coordinate with your spring and summer wardrobe. Sweaters and sweatshirts are perfect for those frigid office temperatures, rainy spring days, and cool summer nights gathered around a campfire.

Choosing The Perfect Warm Weather Sweater

You may not want something that's fleece or Sherpa-lined for the spring and summer, but a lighter cotton fabric or knit fabric that is both breathable and cozy is ideal for keeping the chill at bay.

Express your style even further with sweatshirts adorned with meaningful sayings and quotes that reveal your personality. You might want to choose something funny for those relaxing days around the house or something inspirational for work or a more formal setting.

The History Of The Sweater

Since the 1800s, sweaters have been keeping us safe from the elements in the most comforting of ways. While at first most were made from an itchy wool material, over the years sweaters have become the go-to choice when you're searching for something snuggly and warm.

Cotton, polyester, cashmere, silk, or a blend of these fabrics are the most popular choices with sweater designers- although some still use wool fabric for superior warmth. What first started out as an essential clothing item for athletes and tradesmen has turned into a must-have wardrobe piece for just about everyone.

Sweater Tips

Instead of storing sweaters away in a tote or the back of your closet, place them alongside coordinating warm-weather outfits on hangers so you never have to guess which sweater will look best. You can also move all of your sweaters into the coat closet for easy-access when you're in a hurry and want to grab a light coverup.

Adding some unique new sweaters to your wardrobe is a breeze with the diverse selection of sweaters on our website. Whether you're searching for a lively graphic sweatshirt or a demure cardigan, you're sure to find something appealing.
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