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Summer Sunglasses for Round Face Shapes

Summer Sunglasses for Round Face Shapes

Summertime only comes once a year, which is truly unfortunate considering all of the exciting festivities that it brings. From summer block parties in the city to late nights dancing on the beach, one thing's for sure: this is one unforgettable season. While you're out taking Polaroid pictures of cherished memories or taking selfies with friends at the bar, you're going to need your trusty pair of sunglasses to get to your destination. If you have a round face shape like Beyonce or Mila Kunis, then it's a good idea to figure out which pair of sunglasses will work best for your frame.

Since your face shape is soft and contoured, sunglasses with a geometric shape are strongly recommended. Geometric shapes will help to elongate your face and to provide more balance. Here are the three sunglasses that we suggest for round face shapes.

Rectangular Frames

Luckily, round face shapes can enjoy the super-cool and relatively retro look of square-shaped sunglasses. Our high-class and luxurious pair of KEHU fashion sunglasses is the perfect rectangular shape to grace your round face shape.

Wrap Sunglasses

If you really want to look like a rock star this summer, you'll love our wrap sunglasses. These sunglasses have an oversized frame with a gorgeously detailed detail. Because of their square frame, they will balance out your round face shape perfectly.

Round Sunglasses

Believe it or not, round frames actually look fabulous on a round face! If you want to keep your face shape looking as feminine and sweet as possible, choose a good pair of round sunglasses. We like our simple and polished AEVogue polarized round sunglasses for a nice day out.

Round face shapes are very beautiful, and having a great pair of fashionable sunglasses will make yours look even more stylish. Don't forget your sunglasses this summer for a safe and fun season!


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