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The Top Five Festival-Friendly Fashion Statements for 2018

The Top Five Festival-Friendly Fashion Statements for 2018

Are you an avid lover of music? Is the song "Feel It Still" currently your 2018 anthem? If you answered yes to either question, then there is a huge chance that you're eagerly awaiting the upcoming festival season.

Festival season is perfect for all of the hipsters, artistic types, and general music lovers out there who are looking to partake in a really, really, really good time. It doesn't matter if you're going to Coachella, Warped Tour, or Lollapalooza – you're bound to have an unbelievable experience whenever you attend a spring or summer festival.

Wherever the music is blasting and the beer is flowing like wine – or wherever the wine is flowing like a waterfall – you're going to have the time of your life. One of the best parts about attending a festival, aside from the indescribable experience you'll have of a lifetime with some of your best buds, is the whole dressing up thing. If you're a fashionista who's ready for the festival season, we've got the top picks that'll help you shine like a star while you listen to your favorite musicians. Here are our top style selections for the festival season of 2018.

Our First Style Selection for Festival Fashion 2018: Bohemian Style Floral Print

One of the easiest ways to blend into a spring or summer music festival is by applying anything with a floral print into your ensemble. A simple and statement-creating way to accomplish this is by wearing a nice floral print dress. Our boho-inspired floral print dress is probably one of the easiest and most gorgeous ways of making a statement while you're out there enjoying the sound of that funky bass line with a red beer cup in hand. You'll also love our black floral dress with long sleeves, which has "festival" practically written all over it!

Our Second Style Selection for Festival Fashion 2018: Boots

Did you know that you can easily add a festival feel by wearing a pair of boots? Although it might be a little hot out, you can mix and match various pieces of clothing from different seasons to achieve a flawless festival look. We love knee-high boots with shorts and a tank! In this sense, the clothing pieces balance themselves out, which makes it totally fun and functional. Boots are also an essential statement piece for a music festival, no matter what type of music you're listening to. This makes them incredibly versatile for any music festival that you and your friends attend. If the knee-high boots look is too hot for the simmering summertime, then you can't go wrong with a pair of booties! Of course, wearing a pair of cute strappy sandals is always accepted in a festival setting as well. If you haven't already, you should check out our new sandals selection for summer fun.

Our Third Style Selection for Festival Fashion 2018: Rockin' and Hip Jeans

As you might already be aware, jeans are basically the fundamental component of nearly all fashion. You might have also expected jeans to be on this list as well, but we're not going to recommend just any pair of regular jeans to you. In fact, we'd like to recommend to you the granddaddy of all denim pants for any festival-related occasion: the boyfriend jeans! This look can be paired with nearly anything, and it adds a very unique style that will result in instant recognition from your fellow festival-goers. Our pants are hip enough to be worn to a hip-hop festival, but are bold enough to be worn to a more alternative or rock-related music festival. Either way, it's a total win-win, and you'll be smiling ear to ear with our boyfriend jeans. However, while we're on the subject of jeans, we strongly suggest packing some jean shorts – with rips in them for festival effect – especially if you're camping out at Lollapalooza with your buddies! Our woven shorts with distressed detail will definitely spark envy amongst your friends, since they're quite the trendy fashion statement!

Our Fourth Style Selection for Festival Fashion 2018: Lace – Anything Lace!

Well, maybe not just anything that has lace on it, but lace is a super-festival trend. You will notice a ton of lace, however, while you're out at your favorite festival. One of the ultimate festival tops you'll find on our website is this black lace crop top, which truly encapsulates all that is a music festival. Pair this with our black woven jean shorts and you'll truly be unstoppable out there partying with the rest of your festival-goers. Our halter lace dress is another great option for a lace-inspired festival outfit that'll impress your friends, or possibly your date. You could also opt for an elegant sleeveless lace top which can be worn with shorts, which is a perfect outfit for those warm nights under the stars by the bonfire.

Our Fifth Style Selection for Festival Fashion 2018: The Ever-Essential Tie-Dye

What would our festival fashion list be without tie-dye? Tie-dye is bound to be seen at any festival, and our long maxi tie-dye dress is the perfect option to own this look entirely. One of the best ways to wear this look is to wear a fedora hat and booties, which also adds some fun festival-inspired accessories easily and effortlessly! You'll look like a true festival goddess as you walk out in front of the stage in your tie-dye maxi dress, gorgeous fedora, and booties. You could always wear a tie-dye t-shirt with jean shorts as well for the perfect summer look that's comfortable and classic.

There you have it! These five suggestions are truly fundamental to the overall look that is found at nearly any music festival you attend. Whether you decide to wear a feminine floral gown or you want to rock a jean and lace look, you're bound to turn heads with any of these five suggestions. In the meantime, turn up the volume and listen to your favorite festival bands, because you're going to have a good time while looking incredible!


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