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What to Wear for Back to School: 3 Wonderful Fashion Watches

With summer coming to an end, many of us are preparing to go back to school. Whether you live on campus or you commute to class, one thing is for...

With summer coming to an end, many of us are preparing to go back to school. Whether you live on campus or you commute to class, one thing is for sure: looking good is essential. Not only will you feel more confident as you grace the hallways in style but being fashion-savvy will also make it easier to focus on your studies since you'll be less stressed about measuring up to your classmates.

When it comes to back to school clothes shopping, it's easy enough to find cool and casual clothing that's fitting for the fall. However, one critical accessory that should not be overlooked is the classic watch. Sure, many of us rely on our cell phones to find out what time it is, but why not do this in style instead? Here are our suggestions on watches depending on your fashion sense.

For Earthy Fashion Types

Do you have an earthy type of fashion sense? If neutral colors with hints of green and blue appeal to you, then you'll love our wooden bamboo watch. If you frequently wear khakis with tops in earthy hues, your wardrobe will match up perfectly with this flattering watch. This is a stylish addition to any outfit and its wooden material will add that earthy touch you've embraced over time.

For Bold and Daring Types

If you're a bit on the flashy side, a bold watch would suit your personality well. For the students out there who enjoy bold colors and bright patterns, we strongly suggest our big dial watch. This watch has a thin band but a large dial and comes in an array of bold colors. With its large numbering, you'll be able to tell the time from a mile away. Because it comes in many different color options at an extremely reasonable price, you can purchase one in every color of the rainbow to match with your daring fashion choices.

For Conservative Types

In case you're a bit more reserved in terms of your wardrobe, our gold luxury watch will exude an unprecedented level of sophistication while you concentrate on your class lectures. Many will be envious of your fashion sense while you jot down notes to ace the next pop quiz.

If you don't fit into these categories, don't worry: we have plenty of fashion watches to choose from. You'll be looking as hip as ever and making time-telling a fashion statement. Don't delay: purchase a flattering watch today to accompany you in class.


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