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6 Things Your Fitness Tracker Can Do That Might Surprise You

6 Things Your Fitness Tracker Can Do That Might Surprise You

Fitness trackers have become a popular accessory for many because of their vast uses. They're excellent for losing weight and staying fit and can also double as a watch to keep you on time. But there are also some unique ways a fitness tracker can be used that you may not have thought of yet. Check out these 6 surprising things your fitness tracker can do.

1. Save your life. Because fitness trackers monitor your heart rate, an irregular heartbeat detected by the fitness tracker will automatically alert the user that something is wrong. This can save valuable time in an emergency such as a heart attack or other cardiac event.

2. Detect pregnancy. There are many ways to predict you're pregnant without actually taking a pregnancy test. One of these ways is by keeping track of your heart rate. An increased heart rate could be a sign of pregnancy. To be sure, it's always a good idea to confirm with your doctor.

3. Let you race your friends. Some fitness trackers can sync to other fitness trackers, meaning you can set up a race with your friends to see who can reach more steps faster or who can get their heart rate higher. It's a fun, interactive way to stay fit.

4. Help you find your way. A GPS system that's installed on a fitness tracker is a great tool for navigating your way around town. Because of its convenient location on your wrist, you don't have to worry about fidgeting with your phone or a map while you're driving.

5. Play matchmaker. Fitness trackers that enable you to install apps make swiping left and right that much easier. Dating apps are reachable right from your wrist which couldn't be simpler, removing yet another hurdle on your way to finding the love of your life.

6. Control your home. Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, with many companies offering apps that can be installed on your phone or fitness tracker. Some fitness trackers allow you to turn off lights, lock the doors, or even control your thermostat right from your wrist. Talk about convenience.

We offer several fitness trackers on our website that boast a variety of useful features. Whether your goal is to lose weight, simplify your life, or both, our fitness trackers are sure to be a great asset for you.
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