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Our Answer to Many Searches

Our Answer to Many Searches

While you may think that everyone headed to a store on Black Friday, that is simply not the case according to Google Maps. Here are the most popular places that people searched for in many states. 

Alabama- Going to a university is popular in Alabama, but some may be tailgating at a Rolling Tide game. If that is your choice, then don't forget your Tap Saver Bottle Dispenser

Alaska- Shopping center was the most popular choice in Alaska. If these people are looking to keep warm by heading there, then you might want to skip the line and get one of our winter coats instead. 

Arizona- If you live in the Grand Canyon state, then you may be headed to a car stereo store. Stay home and listen to your favorite music on a smartwatch instead. 

Arkansas- The Razorbacks of Arkansas apparently did not get enough to eat during their Thanksgiving feast as they are searching for an American restaurant. You might want to invite friends over for coffee first serving hot beverages in our building-block coffee cups

Colorado- Residents of Colorado may have been trying to work off all those Thanksgiving calories because they were looking up public swimming pools. Since it might be a little too cold to go swimming, you might want to consider our yoga equipment instead. 

Connecticut- The favorite search on Google Maps on Black Friday in Connecticut was for a farm. If you are considering moving to a farm, you might want to use our aromatherapy air humidifiers to help with any odor problems. 

Delaware- Folks in Delaware were trying to find the nearest electronics store when all they had to do was look on our website to find camcorders, media streamers and much more. 

Florida- The folks in the Sunshine State were looking to go to a public university. If you are one of them, be sure to take along one of our beach towels for time on the beach. 

Georgia- Georgians were also looking for universities, and it is easy to look sharp in classes when wearing our jewelry

Hawaii- People in Hawaii were also busy trying to work off those Thanksgiving calories by finding a recreation center. Don't forget to take along one of our yoga mats

Idaho- Searching for general contractors was popular in Idaho after Thanksgiving festivities ended. While we cannot help you build, we do have great pocket knives that may help in the meantime. 

These are just a few of the favorite searches on Black Friday across the United States. As you can tell, we have just about everything to help you be successful in your plan without having to face Black Friday mobs.


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