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Why Stud Earrings Are The Best Earrings For Newly-Pierced Ears

Why Stud Earrings Are The Best Earrings For Newly-Pierced Ears

The ears are one of the most common body parts for piercing. Both men and women have been piercing their ears for centuries. Even babies as young as 12 weeks can get their ears pierced.

Stud earrings are usually chosen for the when ears are pierced because they are less likely to become tangled while they are being worn. Since newly pierced ears have to keep the earrings in around-the-clock for at least six weeks to maintain the hole, stud earrings are the easiest choice.

Caring For Pierced Ears

There are several steps that should be followed to prevent infection in newly-pierced ears. These include:

  • Always washing your hands prior to touching the ears.
  • Wearing earrings continuously for at least six weeks to keep the hole open.
  • Twisting the earrings two to three times a day to keep the piercings open.
  • Applying rubbing alcohol to the piercings twice daily to remove any germs and prevent an infection from forming.

Signs of an infected piercing include oozing from the site, pain, swelling, or redness. If this occurs, medical attention should be sought as soon as possible.

The Perfect Earring

Starter earrings are used to pierce ears for the first time. Stud earrings are typically used because there is less chance of an injury occurring to the piercing site from the earring becoming tangled or ripped from the ear.

Stud earrings that don't contain nickel are the best choice for people with sensitive skin or those who are more prone to infections. People that are allergic to nickel may develop an itchy, red rash at the piercing site which may result in the piercing being removed and the hole closing up.

Stud Earring Styles

Stud earrings come in a variety of gorgeous styles and are made from several different metals. Gold, silver, platinum, and stainless steel are the most popular choices because they are less likely to cause allergic reactions and look great.

Jewels such as rhinestones and zirconia are an affordable choice for stud earrings. Pricier options like pearls and diamonds are a worthwhile investment for formal events like weddings and anniversaries.

Our website has dozens of beautiful stud earrings that are perfect for newly-pierced ears. Whether you're looking to add to your jewelry collection or are purchasing earrings for the first time, we're sure to something you'll love.
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