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3 Tips for Making the Most of Black Friday Sales

3 Tips for Making the Most of Black Friday Sales

If you are thinking of going Black Friday shopping, then there are several things that you will want to keep in mind. While many go for the thrill of shopping on this day, there are many pointers you may want to keep in mind. 

Watch Your Anchor Stores 

At most malls, the opening time is determined by the anchor stores. Therefore, if the anchor store opens at midnight on Thanksgiving, you can bet that the smaller stores will be open too. In fact, it is written in most contracts that those smaller retailers will pay a fine if they are not open the same hours as the anchor store. 

Special Models are Produced 

If you think you have found a special buy on electronics, housewares, or another big-ticket item; then you might want to take a special look at the specifications. Often, a special model is produced that is lower quality than their normal models. On the other hand, the product may be this year's model and sold at the same or a lower price earlier in the year. 

Use Retail Tricks 

Stores use many different tricks to get you into their stores and keep you there longer. Stores often only have two or three of their doorbuster deals. Yet, they will keep you standing in line all night so that you will see other items that you want and grab them while you are there. Stores try to create a welcoming holiday atmosphere and often give free samples to get you to stay in their store longer. Additionally, they may place a higher-price item next to a more reasonably-priced item while still raising the price on the reasonably-priced item. Of course, almost all stores will use huge sale signs throughout to get you to think that they are the best place to get all your Christmas gifts. 

If you are still determined to go to a Black Friday sale, then go in with a plan. Know how much money you have budgeted for each item you plan to buy. Compile your list ahead of time and stick with it. If you cannot find an item on Black Friday, then come home to shop on the internet. In fact, shopping the internet and skipping the hassles of Black Friday shopping all together is often a wise move. Remember that the most important thing about the winter holidays is spending time with your loved ones.


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