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How to Dress in Cold Weather

How to Dress in Cold Weather

If you are going to be outside in the cold, then wearing the right clothes is essential to keeping comfortable. Following some tips will help you stay toasty while attending your favorite sporting event, participating in winter activities or walking to work. 

Dress in Layers 

You will want to dress in layers. Keeping the layer against your skin dry is essential in maintaining your body heat. When temperatures drop, it is a good idea to wear three layers. The inner layer should move moisture away from your body, the middle layer should insulate you while the outside layer should protect you from the elements. 

First Layer 

The layer closest to your body should be made from a material that will move moisture away from your body. polyester, polyethylene, and microfiber-based fabrics are all great choices for this layer. Think about avoiding cotton, however, as it tends to absorb moisture instead of removing it from contact with the skin. Many quick-dry t-shirts have the ability to move moisture away from the body helping you stay warmer. Consider starting your cold-weather wardrobe with butt shapers and polyester camisoles and you will stay warmer. 

Middle Layer 

Wool, fleece and down all make great choices for the middle layer. If you are likely to be in wet as well as cold conditions, then look for how well the material absorbs moisture without getting heavy. After all, you do not want to be weighed down while playing in the snow or running to get back inside. 

Top Layer 

The top layer, also called the shell layer, should block moisture and wind. If you are likely to be sweating while still needing protection, then skip this layer and use the middle layer as the top layer. If you are adding a top layer, however, then look for ones that have a way to let air escape while keeping the elements out. This may be a flap-covered vent, air holes. It is not true, however, that you will lose between 40 and 45 percent of your body heat through your head. In fact, the head accounts for about seven percent of the skin's surface, and that is the amount of heat lost through it in most cases. 

There are many great combinations that can be put together during cold weather. They will leave you feeling toasty regardless of how low the temperatures drop. Then, you can take off layers as the day warms up leaving you always feeling comfortable.  Browse our collection of women coats and men coats to start preparing for the freezing weather.


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