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How To Keep Your Leather Shoes Looking Brand New

How To Keep Your Leather Shoes Looking Brand New

Leather shoes are a wise investment because they last a long time and look great. In order to make your leather shoes look brand new at all times and last even longer, follow these easy cleaning tips.

1. Remove debris. The first step is to keep your leather shoes free of dirt and grime. Wiping them after each wear with a bristled brush or soft cloth is the best way to remove any debris. Be sure to also clean the soles of the shoes because they will be the first part of the shoe to start falling apart.

2. Wash with soap. We don't mean stick your expensive leather shoes in the washing machine, but washing your shoes with a mild soap is a very important step to keep them looking their best. Shoes with a shiny finish can be wiped with a mild soap and water placed on a soft cloth. Avoid using a sponge as they often contain additives that can interfere with the quality of the leather. Unfinished leather shoes can be cleaned with saddle soap which forms a waxy layer on top of the shoes to keep them shiny.

3. Tackle stains. If washing your leather shoes with the methods listed above still leaves you with a few stains, there's a simple solution for that. Simply mix one part white vinegar with two parts water and apply the mixture to any stains and gently wipe. Continue this process until the stains have completely disappeared.

4. Polish and condition. After your shoes are clean, it's time to prepare them to be worn again. Polishing them with a wax is the best way to get that perfect gleam. Work the wax in by hand to ensure every crevice is covered. Finish off with a conditioning spray. The conditioning spray moisturizes the leather and keeps it looking brand new.

5. Store them properly. All that hard work washing and polishing your leather shoes means nothing if you don't store them properly. Maintain their shape by placing them on a shoe tree. Keep them from fading by placing them in a shoe bag away from direct sunlight.

All of these steps will keep your leather shoes looking just as good as the day you bought them. Our website has plenty of leather shoe options to choose from and these tips will help you maintain them.
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