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Making the Right Impression at an Office Party

Making the Right Impression at an Office Party

If you work for a company who is planning an office party, then you are among the 51 percent who say that they enjoy going to them. Over 95 percent of companies say they are planning on spending the same or more on office parties this year as they did last year. These parties are most popular during the holiday season, but they can happen any time of year. If you have been invited to an office party, then here are some etiquette tips you will want to keep in mind. 

Drink and Eat in Moderation 
You do not bury your future success with a company in a couple of hours at an office party, so eat and drink in moderation. Many more companies are offering alcohol-free office parties. Even if your company offers alcoholic beverages, drink in moderation allowing you to be responsible for what you say and do at the party. 

Dress Appropriately 
While you can expect the dress code to be a little looser than in the normal business setting, you still need to dress professionally. You may, however, want to add some bling to your outfit. 

Know Who Can Come 
You need to read your invitation carefully to know who can come to the office party. Often times, it is limited to only those who work for the company. Other times, it includes your significant other. Very seldom will it include your children. If a person is not invited, do not try to sneak them in the door as most companies have someone stationed to watch the door carefully. 

Join in the Fun 
One of the reasons that companies give office parties is to build friendships between people who may work in different areas of the company. Therefore, you should strike up conversations with those you may not know. Stick to neutral topics like the weather for openers. If a game or other activity is planned, then join in enthusiastically. 

Say Thank You 
Spend an average amount of time at your office party. Do not show up 20 minutes before the event is over just to make a good impression. When you are leaving, make sure to thank those in charge of planning the party. It makes a memorable impression in their minds and lets them know that their hard work was worthwhile and appreciated. 

Whether your office chooses to have a holiday party or a picnic in the summer, make it a point to be there. Eat and drink in moderation and join in any planned activities. Always use your best manners by saying thank you before you leave.


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