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Amy Schumer Reveals Her Pregnancy In The Funniest Way

Amy Schumer Reveals Her Pregnancy In The Funniest Way

It's a Hollywood baby boom! Funny girl Amy Schumer revealed on Monday, October 22 that she and her husband, celebrity chef Chris Fischer, are expecting their first child. 

The pair have been married for eight months and were overjoyed to share the exciting news of their impending arrival. The actress enlisted the help of her friend, former CNN White House correspondent Jessica Yellin, to announce the pregnancy. 

Schumer posted a photo of her and her husband's heads Photoshopped onto a picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The caption instructed her social media followers to head over to Yellin's Instagram page for some important announcements. 

When her fans reached Yellin's page, they found a Story detailing who Schumer is voting for in the upcoming midterm elections. At the bottom of the post was a simple statement, "I'm pregnant- Amy Schumer." 

Although the news came as a bit of a surprise to many, it's not out of the ordinary for Schumer to nonchalantly announce important milestones in her life. Schumer's friends and family learned about her upcoming nuptials via text just two days prior to the event. 

The 37-year-old "I Feel Pretty" actress and her 38-year-old husband wed in February at a star-studded event in Malibu. Several celebrities attended the wedding, including fellow actors David Spade, Jennifer Aniston, and Larry David. Prior to tying the knot, Schumer and Fischer dated for just a few short months. 

While many friends have come out to congratulate Schumer, including Yellin who shared a follow-up Story on her Instagram sending her well-wishes to the happy couple, the comedian is already preparing to face-off with another expectant mother. 

Just one week ago, Kensington Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first baby in May of 2019. Schumer is ready to outdo the soon-to-be royal mommy, saying in an interview that she looks "forward to competing with Meghan Markle every step of the way." 

She also joked that, "Chris and I are thrilled and almost positive he's the father." All joking aside, Schumer is greatly anticipating becoming a mom and is looking forward to this exciting new chapter in her life.


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