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Chrissy Teigen Takes Umbrella To The Eyeball During New Year's Eve Live Broadcast But Shakes It Off Like A Champ

Chrissy Teigen Takes Umbrella To The Eyeball During New Year's Eve Live Broadcast But Shakes It Off Like A Champ

Chrissy Teigen has already had quite the new year, and we're only two days in. 

While co-hosting NBC's live New Year's Eve broadcast with Carson Daly, the model and television personality got into a little altercation with a plastic umbrella. Alongside Daly and "Saturday Night Live's" Leslie Jones, Teigen counted down the ball drop in a very rainy Times Square. 

Once the countdown was complete, Teigen went in for a hug with Jones but instead collided with the sharp corner of the comedian's umbrella. Following the awkward and painful moment, Teigen could be seen losing her balance a bit while still attempting to complete the hug. 

Chrissy Teigen New Years 2019


Jones quickly took to Twitter to apologize to her friend for their painful embrace. The 51-year-old star tweeted out, "Ugh I can't believe I hit @chrissyteigen in face!! Lordt!! I love you boo!! So sorry!! #thatswhyihateumbrellas." 

Teigen responded to Jones' apology with a funny tweet of her own, saying, "EYE'M FINE BABY. I hug too hard what can I say." She followed the tweet up with three heart emoji's. 

Concerned fans also took to Twitter, expressing their shock at the moment that quickly went viral. One person wrote, "Oh no @chrissyteigen I hope you're ok!!! Happy New Year!!!" Teigen responded to concerned fans by reiterating that she was okay after the eye poke. 

The mom to Luna, 2, and Miles, 9 months, continued the fun on New Year's Day, sending out a hilarious update on Twitter. "7 am. Heading back out to time's square to find my eyeball." 

The hosts ringing in the new year were the only ones allowed to have umbrellas. People attending the packed festivities in New York City's Times Square weren't allowed to carry umbrellas into the gated area, leaving many drenched during the hours-long event. 

It didn't seem to bother many attendees as thousands braved the elements to witness performances from some of the world's top artists including Christina Aguilera, New Kids On The Block, and country duo Dan + Shay. 

So far, the only reported casualty of the night appears to be Teigen's eyeball. Hopefully the remainder of 2019 proves to be less painful for the "Lip Sync Battle" host.


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