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Post Malone Takes Jimmy Fallon On A Date To Olive Garden And The Results Are Truly Magical

A bromance in the making! When Post Malone found out that Jimmy Fallon had never been to Olive Garden, the rapper took it upon himself to treat the talk show...

A bromance in the making! When Post Malone found out that Jimmy Fallon had never been to Olive Garden, the rapper took it upon himself to treat the talk show host to his first-ever visit to the restaurant. 

The pair took a tricked-out pink limousine to the restaurant in Times Square, and things quickly got interesting when the server told them about the never-ending bread sticks and free wine samples. 

Malone requested extra butter with their order of bread sticks, which brought a mischievous twinkle to Fallon's eye. Once their wine samples arrived, the two began their tasting. Things went a bit awry when Malone accidentally snorted some of the wine up his nose. 

Once the bread sticks arrived, the dinner date really got interesting. Malone instructed Fallon to smear some butter on his warm bread stick. As Fallon took a bite he exclaimed, "It's garlicky. It's salty. It's buttery. It's hot and it's cold. Holy moly!" 

The deliciousness didn't stop there, as the server brought out a bowl of endless salad. Grinning from ear to ear, Fallon asked, "How do you guys make money?" 

As Malone and Fallon waited for the entrees- two orders of extra-crispy chicken parmesan- "The Tonight Show" host demonstrated some of his amazing super powers. The funny man claimed he could tell whether people prefer mustard or ketchup just by asking a short series of questions. Malone was happy to participate and looked shocked when Fallon correctly guessed ketchup as his condiment of choice. 

Still reeling from Fallon's super power demonstration, the pair was ecstatic to see that the moment of truth had finally arrived. As the server set their entrees in front of them, they each took a bite of the tasty pasta and sighed in appreciation. 

The fun didn't end there. Fallon pointed out to the server that it was Malone's birthday- even though his real birthday is July 4th. The host was surprised to learn that Olive Garden gives out complimentary birthday cakes- even more free stuff! 

As a birthday gift, Fallon gave Malone official documentation stating that he now owns the rights to the famous Olive Garden phrase, "When you're here, you're family." Malone couldn't believe it and sweetly thanked his new best friend, "Jimothy." 

Leaving the same way they came, in that fancy hot-pink limousine, the unlikely duo cheered to their fabulous night with a round of Olive Garden croutons.


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