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What Does Success Look Like?

What Does Success Look Like?

Many times, spectators become overwhelmed at the material accomplishments of successful persons; better said, the end results of ones hard work. However, the substance between the start and finish of a successful persons journey is what I feel is success.  At any time between the start and the finish, a person can quit; however, that person's success is truly in the little steps and successes which propel a person to the end results that spectators so admire.  This video explains my take on success.



About The Author

Gerald Woods is Director of Operation at Solace Connect, LLC based in San Antonio, TX.  He has written many articles on various topics dealing with onliGerald Woodsne streaming, fashion, fitness, and a host of other topics.  He graduated from Prairie View A&M University with a B.B.A . in Finance.  Follow his team and him at Facebook or by subscribing to our News Letter at the bottom of this webpage.


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