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At Solace Connect, we are committed to honoring all of our magnificent customers and visitors.  We know we would not be here without you. 

Look, when we started Solace Connect, it was about saving money on movie entertainment and cable tv.  However, we felt that we could enlarge the vision.  So, for the next 90 days, we are in a race to broker as many deals as possible for you....OUR CUSTOMERS!  So, we are going to stay true to our motto which is "Connecting People to the World of Entertainment."  But, and I say a BIG BUT.....our goal is to help you live like the entertainers we so admire.
You ask, what do I mean?

Well, we are knocking down all the prices on our website....No, No, No, we are blowing them up!  Visit to see how we have marked down all prices on fashion, accessories, and more.  Most importantly, continue visiting our site because we are adding new products and categories everyday.

Hey, if the Movie Stars and entertainers of the world are going to look good and live good, then Solace Connect is going to ensure that all of our Customers can do the same!
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