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Our Newly Remodeled Online Store

Hi Friend,The Official Grand Opening of our newly remodeled online store is not until October 25th, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to browse the store and take...

Hi Friend,

The Official Grand Opening of our newly remodeled online store is not until October 25th, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to browse the store and take advantage of the awesome daily sales that occur. Matter of fact, we keep as much of our inventory marked down as possible to ensure that there are spectacular deals to be had by all. 

First of All, I want you to know that we made the decision to expand our offerings for Solace Connect to ensure that we can constantly serve you.  We took a step back to ask what we could do to ensure we are providing our customers with the best service and buying opportunities possible.  That process lead us to broaden the product line of our company.  

Secondly, we had to determine how to move from a company that only sold media streaming devices and related accessories to one that sells other products, too.  That was the tricky part.  Nevertheless, in examining our slogan "Connecting People to the World of Entertainment," it was decide that we can broaden that message to include all things related to entertainment and the people that entertain us.

Focusing on that statement, the people that entertain us, you will eventually see where we are going with the new store design and product offerings.  When you browse the newly remodeled store, you will see that our new product offerings are fun, entertaining, and attractive.  What we plan to accomplish with these offerings and all future offerings is an affordable opportunity for our customers to purchase high-quality products that look attractive and heighten their persona.  Ok...Ok...Ok...already you may be saying get to the point.

Getting to the point, the products we have are entertaining and attractive like the movie and music stars.  Our products are picked because they either entertain or look like products entertainers would ROCK!  Just like entertainers appear confident; we feel our product offerings will allow you to feel confident, attractive, sophisticated, fun, and more.  But, most importantly, our products are the best gift to yourself.  And, that gift to yourself is your way of saying....self.....I love YOU.

Thirdly, we started our company with the idea of saving money on Cable TV.  That is right...we sold (and still do) media streaming devices allowing our customers to install applications that provide movies and television for FREE; I state this because our product offerings are growing daily.  But, most importantly, we are cutting the prices low on our products to ensure that you look and feel good for LESS MONEY.  

Finally, you will find hundreds of high-quality products at Solace Connect with slashed prices.  This is our way of saying that we are here to service you for the long run.  We still offer our money-back guarantee along with our 90 day warranty; and why not offer that to our customers.  Quality is important to us.  We want you to buy products from us with the confidence that you will be satisfied; and, if you are not, we will do everything in our power to get you to SATISFACTION. 

In closing, thank you for supporting us and being the best customer in the world.  Without you, Solace Connect would not exist.  Enjoy your newly remodeled online store and be on the lookout for awesome deals as the holidays get close.


Gerald Woods
Director of Operations and Marketing
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