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"WEEKLY HOT PICKS 50% OFF" is our latest weekly promotion

Hi Friend,

I am excited about this new category because of the huge discounts you can find.  I mean these deals are super colossal sales.  You can locate the products in this category by clicking on "50% OFF SALES" located in the menu bar at  You can also scroll down the home page and locate "50% OFF WEEKLY HOT PICKS" to see a few of the products listed with the discounted price.  Let me explain how this category works.

Our team will pick twenty or so products each day to add to our "50% OFF HOT LIST." Therefore, our HOT LIST will continue to grow each day with more awesome products discounted at 50%.  These products are randomly selected until Saturday at 11:59 PM CST; after that time, all of the products added for that week are removed.  On Monday, the process begins again!  The "50% OFF HOT LIST" starts every Monday at 12 AM CST and ends every Saturday at 11:59 PM CST.

Finally, I really think this will be a hit.  We have gotten better at managing the operation and customer expectations.  I hope you enjoy the bargains found in this category.  I know our products are already priced low; however, the customers deserve a surprise once and a while--or weekly!   Also, if you have any product recommendations, please do not hesitate to let us know by email or chat.

With the Biggest Thanks,

Me Relaxing
Gerald Woods
Director of Operations
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