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The Magic of Watches!

The Magic of Watches!

The first wrist watch was created by for the Countess Koscowicz of Hungary by Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe in 1868.  The intentions of the manufacturer was to create a decorative jewelry piece.  Since then, watches have become a status symbol and a way for one to define themselves.  Watches can be conversation pieces, as well.  Most importantly, they represent the most important individual asset one will ever possess...TIME!

Yes, TIME is a fleeting asset that we are constantly reminded of in hour society.  Rather, you are watching the news and learning in real-time the passing of one of your favorite stars; or you have met the most beautiful person in the world whose friends have abruptly taken her away right when you started your conversation....only if you had more time, she would have been your future babies Momma...Lol.

I still remember my first watch.  It was a magical moment indeed.  I had been working a job at a nursing home in San Antonio Texas where I had saved up some money. (This job also thought me as you get seems conversation with and visits by people become more important.)  There was a local store that sold an assortment of things; but, one of those things, this store sold were beautiful watches.  Before I continue, I need to explain how I became interested in shinny watches for lack of a better word.

In the late 80s, I had a middle school friend whose Dad was the coolest guy EVER...well, at least at that time.  He rode a Harley Davidson; and had a cool leather jacket along with these cool biker boots.  One day while at my friend's home playing Sega, his Dad arrived from work.  He walked into my friends room and said, "How was your day boys?"  Well, me an Johnny were deep into our game at the time; and we did not hear him.  So, he came in and set on the bed and watched us play.  Well, about five minutes later, Johnny or myself lost the game; and we noticed his Dad.  We acknowledged him.  Johnny's Dad explained that he tried speaking to us earlier, but we were into the game.  All of sudden, I noticed this shinny watch on his Dad's wrist.  I told him that is a cool watch.  He took it off and said try it on.  Well, of course, my wrist was smaller than his; so the watch just hung off my wrist.  But, after looking at the watch and listening to the ticking sound as I held it to my ears, I whispered, "I am going to get me one."  Johnny's Dad asked me to repeat what I said and to say it like I mean it.  And, this time I said in a louder voice, "I am going to get me a watch just like yours."  His Dad said, if you work hard and save, I believe you will.

So, as I stated previously, I was working and saved up some money.  So, I decided to buy my first watch.  And, as I looked through the display counter, I noticed a beautiful silver watch with a green metallic bezel.  I cannot remember the name now; but it was, in my eyes, an awesome looking watch.  So, I brought that watch and wore it out of the store proudly.  I have small wrist, so it was hanging off my wrist; therefore, I had to take it to a jeweler to remove a few links from the metal wrist band.

In closing, although we have cell phones to tell us the time, watches still represent beauty, self expression, and a great piece of jewelry to add to your attire.  Check out our Men's and Women's watch collection.  Find a time piece that expresses your inner-being.  Click here for men watches, or here for women watches.

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