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Why Headphones Mean so Much to Me?

Why Headphones Mean so Much to Me?

When you think of fashion, you may think of shoes, jeans, shirts, hats, glasses, belts, watches; however, have you considered earphones or headphones. Man, I do not know what I would do without my headphones. I mentioned fashion earlier because I see my headphones as a fashion statement; in that, I always have them in one ear, literally, to ensure I can hear people talking to me while at work; otherwise, the earphones are in both ears.  As a result, they are always apart of my attire; so I ensure that I have the latest and greatest set of earphones....they gotta look good if I am going to have them dangling from my ears.

Lets focus back on the title of this article; when I am working on repetitive task, I will put my earphones on and listen to audio-books. See with repetitive task, I do not have to really focus; therefore, I am able to listen to audio-books. Trust me, if you do not have time to read, audio-books is the next best thing for learning about educational subjects or for simple listening pleasures.

Since I use my headphones quite a bit, they need to be durable with noise cancellation and water proof. I am an avid jogger; I jog 5 times a week; so it would not make since for me to spend a lot of money on my earphones only to destroy them while jogging. For three years, I have worn JayBird (Freedom Series). I absolutely love these earphones; with one exception, they cost a lot of money...I mean like $139 plus tax. Now, since this article, the price has come down to $119; and in some stores, you may find unpopular colors of the Jaybird's on special for $99.

There you have it. I jog with my ear phones, work with them; and, on a few occasions, I actually went to sleep with them on to drown out the sound of my neighbors Saint Bernard. I also stated that a good set of headphones can set you back a $100. But, do you really have to pay a lot for headphones with noise cancellation and water proof? Check out our sports model headphones, for those of you who live an active life-style. Click here to see if these low priced but high-quality earphones will quench your need.  Hey, not everybody lives an active lifestyle, so for those of you that are really....I mean really laid back, you can also Click here.
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