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How empowered could humans be if equality flowed throughout Earth?

How empowered could humans be if equality flowed throughout Earth?

When I was a young child, I enjoyed watching the Planet of the Apes TV show. I think it aired on the CBS TV Network. I thought it was the craziest thing that APES ran the world. I often pondered what it would be like if APES controlled the planet. What would their rules be like? What would religion consist of? Would there be one religion or many religions as is today? As I got older, I realized that each race on this Earth had their moment to dominate the planet or grow huge empires. Now, you have to take an interest in studying history to understand that statement. But, each empire taught people (their citizens, the weak, and conquered) what they wanted them to know as means to control the masses.  Now, whenever an empire conquered a new territory, they destroyed the history of the conquered; however, the conquering empire kept information they felt was useful for their own gain.

So, on this little planet called Earth, empires rose and fell just like the Sun, the moon, ocean tides, water, life, and all that makes this world exciting and treacherous. Empires are actually a collective embodiment of the EGOs of those in power. Just like children want to be loved and made to feel special; man and woman want to feel powerful and needed. It is that need to feel powerful and important that causes the relentless pursuit of power and the need for more of everything. But, the real question is why the unquenchable thirst for more; well, it is driven by fear. Yes, FEAR is the driving force. Fear of losing your way of life, your job, your family, your money, and/or yourself.

So, you may ask, where the heck am I going with all of this. Well, today is a great American's day to be celebrated. Yes, today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday. Now, some people and companies celebrate it; and others have no reverence for this day. But, this is an important day.  For this day, if reflected upon, is a reminder to all people around the world that our strength comes from the collective body of people on this planet. And, most importantly, all people are created equal and should have the right throughout this planet to pursue happiness.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929.  He was a Baptist minister and civil rights activist.  Although there were many activist who fought for equality for Blacks in America, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was thrust into the fight for equality at a young age. (Personally, I find it so amazing how mature teenagers and young adults were 50 years ago with so many hills and mountains to climb.) As the leader and spokesperson for the civil rights movement, he had to determine the best approach for allowing Americans to "look in the mirror" and ask can the country continue down the path of segregation and inequality. The approach that was encouraged by Dr. King was nonviolent civil disobedience.  Dr. King was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's nonviolent protest in India; he felt that same approach could produce the same result overtime in America.

Now, the Civil Rights movement was not just about Dr. King. There were many persons that participated.  A lot of young people, black and white, took up the calling that Dr. King encouraged and championed throughout the South.  Many persons died for the right to pursue happiness.
During the civil rights movement in America, Dr. King's leadership inspired many persons to preserver as they traveled down the long and painful road towards equality.  However, Dr. King's oratory skills were extremely powerful in painting the canvas of belief that Blacks and all disenfranchised Americans would be treated as citizens of this country.
Finally, Dr. King's dream of equality is still a pursuit on planet Earth.  Persons throughout this planet continue to be persecuted because of their religion, sex, color, disability, and any other thing human's of ill-intent can use to differentiate and justify the persecution.  The human race cannot survive without the elimination of racism or superiority complexes.  The human race is doomed if we cannot work together on this small planet.  You find racism and superiority complexes throughout this planet among all the countries and racial and ethnic groups.  Humans must set a new course if we are to resolve issues that threaten our planet and life as we know it.  So, on this day of celebration, let's consider the continuing practice of learning about a new religion, ethnic group, and country. Over time, this practice will allow for our fears or ignorance to dissipate which will allow and understanding and tolerance that will fertilize the planet with seeds of equality that will blossom in the minds of all human inhabitants on this planet.  And, if we all do this overtime, I believe we can reach a place of equality; and human rights and the pursuit of happiness will become the law and unquestionable right of all who inhabit this wonderful planet called Earth.



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