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The Power of Positive Expectancy: The Moments Technique

Recently I did a video on the power of expectancy.  In that video, I spoke on how you can manifest your reality by what you expect in your life.  I...

Recently I did a video on the power of expectancy.  In that video, I spoke on how you can manifest your reality by what you expect in your life.  I also explained how it is a discipline, and you must continually practice expecting what you want and not what you don't want in your life. To strengthen your expectancy muscle, I want to enlighten you to the "moments technique."

For most of my life, I would struggle with forecasting into the future.  Now, if it is a positive expectation or forecast, then forecasting into the future is exciting.  However, if your forecast is negative, then that is not good.  The bad thing about negative forecast regarding your life is that you are not a fortune teller or psychic.  When I was faced with financial, relationship, or health concerns; I would forecast all the negative outcomes that could occur.  Notice I said could occur.  Now, how would I know that these unwanted outcomes would occur? Well, I didn't; I assumed that only negative events would occur because of a perceived negative event in my life.  Because of these concerns, I would already begin to expect the worst.  That expecting the worst would lead to unpleasant situations for me.

As I got older, I realized I was stressing myself worrying about things that had not happened but were forecasted by me.  It was then that I realized I needed to focus on the actual moment. The moments technique focuses all your worries on one moment...the current moment or the now.

For example,  if I was worried about losing a job, I would not focus on the future event or forecast of having lost my job. Instead, I would focus on the moment.  In that moment, I have a job.  So, I don't have a worry in that moment.  The worry is for a forecasted event in the future. But, I have a job currently.  Therefore, I can focus on the moment or the right now.  I can think about what I can do to keep my job, or I can also focus on looking for another job.  In the moment, I can focus on professional certifications or other career enhancements.

By focusing on the moment, I was able to put my mind at ease and make little accomplishments which led to resolving the bigger forecasted event.

In conclusion, when you are faced with stressful situations, you should not forecast negative future events you have no proof will occur.  Instead, you should focus on moments.  The moment will make your issue into bite sized manageable pieces which will help you get to a solution that will turn your negative expectation into positive life changing events.  Click here to watch my video.


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