About Lay-Buy

Affordability and Flexibility

There are consumers shopping online today that cannot afford to pay the full price upfront or prefer to defer payments for other reasons. These consumers desire an affordable payment plan solution like Lay-Buy/lay-a-way. 

GeraldBlack.com has partnered with Lay-Buy to offer a payment option for our customers when making payments at checkout. Rather young or old, our customers have differing reasons for affordable and flexible payment options.

Lay-Buy is a great way to shop for Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions.  With affordable and flexible payment options, customers can pay for the product in 3 easy monthly payments. Afterwards, GeraldBlack.com will deliver the product in 4 to 12 days, depending on location, after receiving the final payment in the third month.

How it Works

LAY-BUY is a deferred and affordable payment option offered to buyers like yourself when shopping at GeraldBlack.com. You will have the choice of affordably paying for your product purchase via one down-payment and the balance over monthly installments. The product will be delivered after we have received the final installment payment. All payments are automated between you and GeraldBlack.com through PayPal. You can also payoff the balance at anytime to take an earlier delivery.

Shorter Shipping Times

Because we forward the product to holding facilities near your delivery address, we are able to ship the product immediately which allows for 4 to 12 day shipping times.  However, to get the product to our holding facilities, will still take us between 12 to 21 business days which is why we ship the products immediately after you place the product(s) on Lay-Buy/lay-a-way. 

Costs For Consumers

The customer pays a small Lay-Buy's admin fee and the amount depends on order value. This amount is displayed to you prior to payment in PayPal.

Try Lay-Buy today during checkout. Some regions are not eligible for Lay-Buy purchases. 

Lay-Buy is an affordable LAYAWAY payment option where

  • You select the down-payment %

  • You select how many months you need to pay-off your purchase.

  • A once-off admin fee is payable. The amount depends on order value.

  • And its fully automated and highly secure.

  • Payoff order's balance at any time and take earlier delivery.