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3 Helpful Office Exercises to Keep You Active

3 Helpful Office Exercises to Keep You Active

If you're devoting your time toward bettering your physical appearance, there's a huge chance that you are focusing on exercise and yoga techniques. However, certain situations can get in the way of working out. One popular situation is working at an office job. If you work full-time at an office, you're most likely sitting down at your desk staring at a computer screen for at least eight hours. That's a lot of time that could be spent working out or practicing yoga! Money is important, though, so it makes sense to spend about forty hours a week working. You could bring the gym to your office, though!

So, how can you work out while at work? There are many different ways to do so that'll benefit you while on the job. There's really no need for you to deprive yourself of practicing your favorite asana or toning your arms. In fact, adding more activity to our work days can reverse any potential for obesity, even up to thirty pounds. By working out now – especially while at your desk – you'll be able to wear any swimwear you desire for when the summertime hits.

Here's a list of clever ways you can incorporate workout techniques in order to live a healthier life, even while at work.

Fitness at Work Method One: Fitness Trackers

To get yourself started with working out while at the job, a very simple and easy method to consider doing is investing in a fitness tracker. Our LERBYEE waterproof fitness tracker can do just about anything when it comes to having your fitness needs recorded. If you want to track how many steps you've made while at work, this will definitely come in handy. It'll help you to improve your movement while at work. For example, instead of sitting at your desk all day, you can take an active measure to get up more often and walk around the office. This could mean taking more time out of your day to physically speak to someone at their desk instead of sending them an email, for instance. Also, if you plan on getting lunch, you could walk to a close location in order to pick up your food and measure the steps you've taken with a fitness tracker. Another method you could consider is to park further away from your office building so that you have to walk a long distance in order to get into the door.

Fitness at Work Method Two: Bring in Some Weights

While you're sitting at work, you can bring in some weights that will be perfect for when you're waiting for an important email. As you patiently wait for your email to arrive in your inbox, you can tone your arms by using arm weights or dumbbells. With dumbbells, you can easily work out at your desk by investing in dumbbells that range from five to fifteen pounds.

Dumb bell curls at desk

For the best results, you can start off with five-pound dumbbells for each arm, and then gradually move up to fifteen pounds. This will help you to adjust to the weight of the dumbbells in a helpful way. To further motivate yourself, you can leave these weights at the office so that you don't have to worry about bringing them back in or forgetting them at home. To do a proper dumbbell curl, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand in front of your body, and ensure that your palms are facing out. Bend your left arm 90 degrees parallel to the floor, and then curl your right hand toward your shoulder. Lower your arm back to your starting position, while keeping it in place. Do eight curls each for both sides and you'll be thankful you brought in your work dumbbells!

Fitness at Work Method Three: Yoga Poses

Yoga can save the day no matter what, and this is especially true for work. After all, working for eight hours a day or even more while hunched over by a desk can cause a variety of physical problems. Yoga not only assists in aiding these physical problems but simultaneously helps you to burn off calories while at work. It's a total win-win! With this being said, it's a good idea to unfold your yoga mats and get down to yoga business. Your work conditions might cause a sore lower back, a stiff neck, and even tight hips. The cure definitely lies in yoga.

While you're sitting in your office chair, you can do the Seated Crescent Moon Pose. When you're sitting hunched over a computer, there is generally neck and shoulder discomfort, which can be treated with the Seated Crescent Moon Pose. All you have to do is lift both of your arms over your head and stretch out your fingers wide. First, lean toward the right side of your body while taking two to three breaths. Repeat for the left side for the same amount of breaths. This will help with physical discomfort while keeping you physically active and can be completed right at your work desk.

Seated Yoga pose

You'll also find that the Sit and Stand yoga pose is perfect for when you're seated in your chair nearly all day. This is a two-part pose that helps to activate your leg muscles. After all, some of us experience our legs falling asleep if we don't have enough physical activity while at work. To begin, simply sit with your knees bent at a ninety-degree angle, with your feet flat on the floor. Press down from your heels and try not to move your feet inward. After you complete this, make your body move forward to a standing position. Repeat this for as many times you feel is necessary for physical activity or release.

Sit and Stand Yoga

If you're concerned about losing weight, don't worry: these three helpful tips will help you to stay active while at your desk job. A fitness tracker, some weights, and yoga poses will definitely assist you in keeping a slim physique!

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