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Conquering Anxiety: Three Yoga Poses to Incorporate into Your Daily Routine

There is a very high chance that you have heard of yoga. After all, many people enjoy its beneficial impact on their health, and even prefer yoga as their exercise...

There is a very high chance that you have heard of yoga. After all, many people enjoy its beneficial impact on their health, and even prefer yoga as their exercise method of choice. Yoga is a Hindu spiritual discipline which involves careful forms of breathing, relaxing meditation, and the implementation of specific bodily postures. The practice originated in India over two thousand years ago.

An Indian sage named Patanjuli is the brilliant mind behind the Yoga Sutra, which is the guidebook of classical yoga. Not much is known about him, but it is believed that he also contributed to the Ayurveda, which is the ancient Indian system of medicine, as well as Sanskrit, which is a form of grammar.

Both men and women study yoga and incorporate it into their lives. Did you know that a male who practices yoga is called a yogi, and a woman who practices is referred to as a yogini?

Thankfully, yoga is still practiced to this day, and Western science has begun to research concrete pieces of information in relation to how yoga improves health, anxiety, and sickness. There is definitely more to yoga than meets the eye, which makes it an irreplaceable part of your regimen to better your health.

One of the most common reasons why people around the world practice yoga is for its mental health benefits, which includes anxiety. According to Elements Behavioral Health, over forty million people suffer from anxiety. That is a gigantic number of people. If you just so happen to be one of the many anxiety sufferers out there, then it's time to pick out your newest pair of yoga pants, a yoga mat, and even a fitness tracker to get yourself started.

To continue with a healthy lifestyle which is free of stress or anxiety, you can depend on these yoga techniques and poses to reduce any tension in your life.

The Tree Pose

While in your complete yoga outfit—dressed to the nines and ready to reduce stress – the Tree Pose is a definite must. What this pose will do is take your mind away from anxiety by exerting your full attention on your physical being. By utilizing basic standing and balancing your stance, you will promote concentration, focus, and awareness. To create this pose, stand with a tall posture with your feet positioned at your hips. Shift your weight to your right leg while bending your left knee. Place the sole of your left foot below your right knee, with your toes pointing to the floor. Rest the sole of your left foot into your inner right thigh and place your hands into a prayer position right by the center of your heart. Focus your attention to the ceiling, or right in front of you. Hold for two to three deep breaths, and then repeat for the left side of your body.

Tree Pose 

The Legs Up the Wall Pose

You might be giggling to yourself already due to the name of this yoga pose, but it is still highly recommended for relieving anxiety. Whether you're dressed in your most comfortable yoga shorts with your favorite color yoga socks, the Legs Up the Wall Pose will help with your daily troubles. To achieve this pose, you will first need to roll up your yoga mat about halfway between the floor and the wall. Lay your back on the ground while lifting up your legs in one swift movement to the edge of the wall. Slowly ease your hamstring area toward the wall until it touches. Then close your eyes and relax. Resting in this pose for ten minutes or longer has the most advantageous effects. Also, in addition to treating anxiety, the Legs Up the Wall Pose assists with relieving lower back pain, arthritis, menstrual cramping, high blood pressure, and insomnia. This pose certainly treats a lot of common ailments.

Legs Up the Wall Pose 

The Child's Pose

Are you a beginner in yoga? Then the Child's Pose is right up your alley. This pose, or asana, is commonly used as a resting position in between more challenging poses that are used during a yoga session. However, it has more uses than just being an in-between pose. It helps to stretch the hips, thigh, and ankles and is helpful in reducing stress. The purpose of this pose is to relax the muscles in the front of your body. Additionally, it calms and soothes the brain, and has been referred to as a therapeutic posture for relieving stress. The Child's Pose restores equanimity to the body. To do the Child's Pose, you'll want to roll out your mat and place your body down on your hands and knees. Spread your knees wide apart with your big toes touching. Rest your buttocks on the heels of your feet. Sit up straight and extend your spine. Once on an exhalation, bend forward with your torso between your thighs, allowing your forehead to rest on the floor. With your arms extended, face the palms of your hands down. Press back slightly with your hands. When you are finished with this pose, slowly use your hands to bring your torso into an upright position. Finally, bring in the completion of this pose by sitting back on your heels.

Child Pose


There are many poses out there in yoga that help to relieve anxiety, as well as many other health problems that are in existence today. It's truly amazing what yoga can do to help relieve anxiety and stress, especially when you work hard to alleviate this every day by incorporating these poses into your life. To get started, we highly suggest looking into yoga shirts, yoga pants, and a nice yoga gym bag to store your choice of a yoga mat. After that, you could choose to watch YouTube videos with yoga tips and tricks, or you could check in at your local gym to see what yoga classes they offer. Always remember that anxiety doesn't have to be a part of your life, so conquer it today with these helpful yoga poses.

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