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Yoga Through The Seasons

Yoga Through The Seasons

Looking great and being comfortable are probably two of the most unspoken rules of yoga. It can be hard, though, to balance the two and find the perfect yoga outfit for your sessions through the seasons. Let's look into some ideas to keep both comfortable and in style. 

Springtime is yoga-time. I can't imagine a better time to get in touch with Mother Earth than in the spring. Flowers bloom, insects buzz, and little furry and feathery babies are born into the world. As nature comes alive, you too can wake yourself up with some midday yoga. Perhaps outside in the shade or among friends? Whatever your fancy, it might be beneficial to find something amazing to wear. The Earth dawns herself with beautiful colors during the spring so it makes sense that you should follow suit. All different hues of blues, pinks, greens, yellows, and more are a perfect way to participate in the springtime rabble. Consider mixing and matching your favorite colors with a comfy shirt and stretchy yoga pants. 

Summer time is full of so many different activities so of course, yoga has to be one of them. Greeting the sun in the morning or the moon in the evening with a yoga session has got to be best way to start or end a summer day. But we come to the constant question of summer, "what will I wear??". Well, if you were to ask me, I'd suggest something light and airy. It's hot enough outside without you making your debut as an enlightened master. Try a comfortable training bra with or without a tank and some shorts with bright colors. You'll exude summer yoga goddess while rocking a comfortable style. 

Let's talk autumn. Aside from the pumpkin spice lattes and comfy sweaters, there's endless opportunities for great yoga and great yoga fashion. As the leaves turn colors and the weather turns cold, you can turn your wardrobe into an array of comfortable attire for your yoga sessions. The days grow shorter but your sleeves will grow longer with the chill. Try an insulated sweater and pants with quirky socks! Keep your colors warm so you don't succumb to the coming cold. Autumn marks the preparation for the coming deep sleep of winter. Since we humans don't hibernate, as much as we might like to, it's important to stay active and warm. Yoga and the amazingly warm sweater will help you maintain that. 

Yoga has helped people on the path to health for much longer than yoga pants and cappuccinos have been around. The ancient practice was born and evolved in ancient India many centuries ago. It began, and still is, a way for people to hone their mind, body, and spirit through a great many healing practices. Yoga, in all its disciplines, can be an extremely helpful way to start getting on track with ones health, peace of mind, and beauty. Health and beauty go hand in hand after all. When we set out to make our lifestyles a little bit healthier, we grow in beauty. There's no reason we can't push the beauty a little bit ourselves by looking great while we get our yoga on!
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